Friday, July 25, 2014


Hello all!
I have sooooo much laundry to do today, but, I wanted to send y'all pictures! I love it here and I will be heading to Boston on Tuesday!
21 missionaries all on the same flight. We were joking around that if we convert the plane we can just take a dip in a lake on the way there... kidding hahaha. Of course!
Sister Williams, Me, Elder Lortsher, Elder Pape, Elder Pay, Elder Dahl, Elder Hyre, Sister Thompson, Sister Fernando, and Elder Jones. 

Cause on Wednesday we wear pink :) I love these people!
Sister Alexander


Friday, July 18, 2014

Hello All!

There is seriously so much to say!
 First and foremost, I love this Gospel. I have been here for like 3 days and I have learned sooooooooo much! 
The MTC is like Missionary Disneyland. It is fantastic! EVERYONE is happy and nice and just fantastic. I seriously have to read through my journal to figure out everything that has happened. 
My companion is Sister W. She is wonderful! Oh, and she and I are the STL's which is like the girl Zone Leaders. We are soooo excited. The other Sisters in my district are wonderful too. I have Sister T and Sister F, who is a riot. There are like 6 Elders and our District is like the best in the MTC.
Fo Shizzle. 
I sat next to a little girl before my flight and she talked my ear off so I couldn't really cry hahaha.
I got to the airport and found Katie... like an hour later.
First, I heard my name and then I called for her name and turns out she was in the other terminal for Delta not US Air. But we found each other and got here early. It is so pretty here and it is seriously like being on a spiritual high 24/7.
We taught our first Investigator today, Richard, It went okay but we were teaching him about the importance of prayer and, he already prays. MEH. It is all good though because we get to teach him again tomorrow. Richard is really our teacher Brother Weber, Our other teacher is Sister Vahey. She is crazy and cool at the same time. She went to New York on her mission like 3 or 4 years ago.  
We cant say "Guys" here. It is Elder or Sister and the MTC president's wife who told us that, was all, "There are no guys here, there are some at home dating your girlfriends though."
I cant talk in 3rd person anymore... I'm not Bailey. At all. I am Sister Alexander. I have the tag and all. We got to take our "Dork Dots" off last night. That was cool. It actually was funny just because ANYONE who sees that you have one will say, "Welcome to the MTC Sister..." and like go out of their way to make sure that you heard them. Good stuff.
Last thing! Yesterday... I met the guy from the Anti-Bullying Mormon Message video. He is going to the Marshall Islands or something like that... Cool, cool, cool. 
Well, I love you all, But like Elder Oliver said... I dont miss you and that is good, because there are A LOT of homesick people here and that is no good. 
Sister Alexander

Friday, July 4, 2014

Well Hello There!

Well Lookie here. Hi, How are you? Good? That is good!

Wanna know something crazy? I am leaving on an 18 month mission in like... 12 days. 
That is right, 12. So, being the person that I am, I am sitting on my bed, eating a cheese stick and procrastinating packing up my room. Because that is how I do. 

Today is the Fourth of July in America. Independence Day. So I will talk about Independence.  
I am a rather Independent person. I buy my own clothes, do what I think is right, stay away from humans, that kind of person. However, preparing to leave my home, my friends, my family, my laptop I have learned that I depend on a lot more things than I originally thought. 
But, I also depend on my Heavenly Father. And that my fun little blog friends, is what matters. No matter what withdrawals I go through I NEVER have to give him up, and I NEVER will. 

A lot of people ask me if I am freaking out yet, and I am not. It will probably hit me like 4 months in when I get my first taste of cold, but for now I am so excited to focus on serving the Lord. 

For now, I will pretend to party for the fourth, but I really am probably going to just sit here and watch some cooking videos on YouTube. 
Be Good. 
-The soon to be 
Sister Alexander