Monday, September 28, 2015

Back Just in Time for Fall!

Hello from Norwich Connecticut! Gah! I am back in Connecticut for Fall! Woohooo! 
So, this week has been a little (a little) bit crazy! With leaving Woostah and coming down here my brain is just everywhere! 
Here are some of the cool things that have happened!
Oh! First! I should introduce my companion!
Sister G is from West Jordan, Utah! My first companion from Utah! 
She is a dancer and she came out to the mission with Sister M! 
She enjoys veggies as much as I do... i.e. not very much, she loves flowers as much as I do... i.e. we totally geek out about them together and she is just super cool! 
Norwich is so great! The people here are wonderful and the work is on Fire!
-I packed all of my stuff on time. The nice thing about staying in one area is that you don't realize how much stuff you have accumulated... until you leave. O.o 
-M GOT BAPTIZED! I wasn't able to be there but she was baptized on Friday! I am so happy for her and her family! She was an investigator that we had that dropped off of the face of the earth back in June and then showed up again when we decided to call her.
- I am remembering streets and directions and names! I was really worried but they seem to be coming to my remembrance. It probably is thanks to Sister G serving here and telling me about everyone that she loves who I now get to serve with. A guy with really long hair walks in and I turn to Sister G, "Is that Paul?" "How did you even know that?!"
-General Women's Conference was amazing. Just amazing. 
Aha moments-
Here are a couple qoutes that I heard that I LOVE!
-Elder Holland to the New Haven Recent Converts, "Do not leave the church! When you are in a storm, you don't jump out of the boat! You let the storm pass while you hang on!"
-Have you all prepared questions to bring to conference? If not take some time this week to kneel down and ask Heavenly Father to answer the questions in your soul, the questions that if answered will help you grow and progress into who He wants you to be. I KNOW that God answers prayers and I know that he does that through His living Prophets and Apostles in General Conference and those who are no longer here with the Scriptures. God is good my friends. 
Ahahaha Moments-
So I might as well make a list
-Elder Harmon said that I am going to be a Pinterest mom. Totally fine with that hahaha
-We went back to quickly buy Woostah shirts at the Historical museum.... they couldn't take cards, none of us had cash, and Sister S's checks were all gone... It was craziness. 
-The Norwich Elders are Elder T(Cali) and Elder A(Utah)- and together we make up the Quadpanionship. We are super cool haha. 
-Yesterday after Correlation with Brother V, our ward mission leader, he just goes, "and now a General Conference training video," and he turns his laptop around and starts playing the "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup How to" video with the apostles, and he hands us reese's. We were all so happy after eating a little chocolate and peanut butter after fasting.
-We got our new planners... and they are in Spanish. Because we are cool haha. 
-Saturday was a pure help everyone in the ward move day. We were exhausted... so we ran inside and made 21 pieces of French Toast in 15 minutes for us and the elders who were making calls in the parking lot! We love French Toast. 
Well guys! I hope that you all have a fantastic week! Don't forget to watch General Conference! I am so excited! 
Be Good, You are all so loved!
Sister Alexander
Picture 1-That posture though... ahaha and all the french toast! 
Picture 2-The Quadpanionship! Elder A is the one sitting down haha. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Last Week in Woostah

After 9 months in Worcester, I am being shipped out... To Norwich CT!
I am going back to Connecticut! I got a text on Friday, saying, "Sister Alexander check your myldsmail," so I did and I have been asked to be a Sister Training Leader! I was all, "What the What?" That means I work with the Zone Leaders and help with training at Zone things and stuff. I am not too sure how this is going to turn out but... I will try my best. :) OH! and Sister W is in my zone! She was my MTC companion!
Miracles of the week-
First, Sister S stayed here in Worcester with us! she was supposed to leave but... yeah no. We kept her here and she is staying until Wednesday when I leave! 
Second, we saw C! And she was happy to see us! Good stuff!
Aha Moment-
So, I have decided to finish the Book of Mormon before I leave Worcester.  I am in Ether so if I actually can focus I can totally do it. I love the Book of Mormon so much. I love how I can pick it up and learn something new every single page and just feel good about it. I can receive answers as it helps me feel the spirit. I just love it so much.
Also, we had a musical fireside that was awesome! Our Ward mission leader Brother F is amazing at singing and playing the guitar. It is like insane. So I got to sing with Sister S and with Elder C! It was so fun! The spirit in the meeting was amazing. Not because of me haha... but because it just was :)
Ahaha Moments-
Well, this week has just been hilarious. 
For exercise in the morning we run around the apartment complex. We have gotten really bored with just running so now we do other things like skip, and "grinch run" and "vector run" like the guy from Despicable Me. We end up getting a cardio work out and an ab workout in one fail schwoop. 
Also, we went to the Woostah Historical museum on Monday! And we were so excited because we found parking! It was closed. So we went to the WINGS wall instead and... also ate a beef tongue taco. The flavor was goodish. The texture was nastay.

Well folks. The next time I email you, I will be in Connecticut. 
Have a wicked awesome week. 
You are all so loved!
Be good!
 Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Since we moved the dumpster in our complex is across the whole way. So we make things work... 
Picture 2- WINGS
Picture 3- Nuff said

Monday, September 14, 2015

Miracle Play-by-Play

This week was the BEST. But really though. Here is what I call "a Day-by-Day Miracle Play-By-Play"
 Red Sox game+ 95 degrees+missionaries= Super happy and Sunburned Seester A. I probably should have worn some sun screen...but I did remember to put it on my ears... So I am not Sister Alexander the red eared missionary... Waahooo for dat ahaha. I do however have a wicked watch tan line...#LetsGooooooo and an insane farmers tan but my burn only lasted for like... 2 it is just an awkward tan ahaha. The same day I discovered that I had been eaten alive by mosquitoes. Eaten alive. So here I was sunburn on my arms and mosquito bites up and down my legs... I looked like a camper who fell asleep on their kayak and woke up in a swamp. But it is preparing me for Liberia ahaha. I took it as Gods way of saying, "let's see if you can not complain for 24 hours.... I failed" ahaha. 
We had our first ever Worcester Mission Prep class, it was so great! We focused on the 3 areas that are concerns for kids serving missions, and how to prepare for them. Physical Preparation, Spiritual Preparation, Emotional Preparation. Totally made pancakes for them as a part of physical prep. #FoodIsFood
C finished Mosiah! That means he has read more than 200 pages of the Book of Mormon. He is so great. It is so cool that we get to talk to people from all around the world and share the good news. I would have never even met him! We talked to him about Tithing and about prophets and he loved it. 
 We went and had Pho with the B's. I love Pho! It is Vietnamese soup. So wicked good. We also weekly planned with the Elders. Came up with "Double chin goes" instead of "Nose Goes" So funny. 
 We got our not so mini, Mini Missionary! She is so cool! Sister S is from Bridgeport, and she served in Estonia for 6 months but then she got all these food allergies and had to come home, but now she has them under control and is with us for her trial run! That is a crazy run on sentence but that is okay! ahaha!
W got baptized!!!!! Like wooohoooooooo!!! It was so amazing. His testimony was the best! "My testimony is that... I am so happy. The Book of Mormon is true, and I am going to share it with everyone I know." 
M's daughter E came to church with 3 of her kids! It was so great! Also for laughs... it was the Law of Chastity week for both of the Worcester wards... Let's just say that I have never EVER felt so awkward in a class before. Even the women not teaching were uncomfortable ahahaha. So great. 
Well y'all. This week was so jam packed I think that this is all my little hands can bare to type ahaha. Have a great week! 
You are all so loved! 
Be good! 
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Awkward tan? What awkward tan?
Picture 2- M, Sister S, Sister M, me, W and President Miller :) 
Picture 3- Sister S, Sister M and I matched unintentionally yesterday. Along with like half of the women in the wards ahaha. 
Picture 4- Fenway Park! Woohooo! 
PS I am 95% sure that I am getting transferred out of Worcester next week :/ So if you want to send a letter send it to the mission office! 
182 W Central St #203
Natick MA 01760
Yeah, at W's Baptism President basically told everyone there that I was leaving... ahaha cool beans. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Only in New England

Hello All! It is like 8am ovah there but here I am writing you before... we go to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park! Wooohoooooo! Ask me how excited I am... SO EXCITED! 
This week was another weird one, but it ended awesome! 
Yesterday, Sunday, We had an odd day haha. The whole Second Ward went up to Sharon Vermont, to Camp Joseph(Joseph Smith's birthplace) for their Annual Labor Day ward camp-out, so we didn't have church for a bajillion hours nor did we take the sacrament twice in one day and we were missing that. So we finally are in Sacrament Meeting at like 3:00 and we both were super focused on listening to the spirit and here comes the adversary being all like, "Oh hey remember that awesome tv show?" "Ohhhh that 5SOS song!" Like STAHP! We were victorious over that but it was interesting how he knew how important taking the sacrament was to us and he tried to distract us with the most obscure things.
 We also went up to Clinton MA which is in the land of desolation of our area. 30 min out, 30 min back for a referral. She wasn't home but we saw these people outside and asked them if they knew where she was and it was her step-son... and he invited us to sit down and talk at the fire with S'mores... we had an awesome discussion with him and Sister M was able to give him a Book of Mormon! It was super cool. 
Well my friends. 
Today I got an email entitled "DEPARTURE DATES" from the mission. I remember Sister G and Sister G getting theirs and thinking, "Man, that day will never come,".... ugh. I chose January 29th. Elder G just got his flight itinerary, and he leaves November 6th. I am so not ready to come home. I am so in love with this work. God is Great, This gospel is true. 
You are all so loved!
Be good! 
Sister Alexander 

Picture 1-Me and N, the daughter of one of the Less Actives in the ward. I love this little girl! 
Picture 2- RED SOX! Elder H has a Red Sox tie hahaha. We are so awkward.