Monday, June 29, 2015

Las Tres Mosqueteras... Por 5 Dias.

Where do I even start? Hello my wonderful people! How are you all doing this fine Monday? I hope that the answer is well, because that is the answer that I would give. 
This week was great and very, very busy. It was Sister V's last week on the mission so we were going, going, going! 
So this week, We had dinner with 2 Polynesian families, did a bunch of service, and tracked into a family straight from Iraq, that only speaks Arabic... and we had a 30 minute conversation with them using our good friend Google Translate. That was fun :) 
Miracle of the Week-
After transfer meeting Hermana F, Hermana M and I were hungry but we went to the temple with M and P for baptism for the dead. Then, we decided to go to Chipotle for dinner on the way back to Woostah. We walk in and there is one of our members just smiling all big at us. He works there... and got us free food...we were so happy. It was awesome too because I had like 0 dollars in MSF haha. Right on. 
Aha moment-
We had a Farewell Conference with President Packard on Friday and he left us with so much wisdom it was oozing out of the chapel. Also, we got to hug him and I just cried...  BUT! the Aha moment. So, President talked about the Sabbath Day and giving it back to God. He said, "The Sacrament should inspire us to remember Christ, keep His Commandments, and have His Spirit to be with us." It just like hit me. We take the sacrament not because it reminds us of our covenants we already made... we take it because it helps us make new covenants every single week. 
Also, President explained the Spirit in a way that I love. For those that believe no explanation is necessary and for those that don't, no explanation is possible. Love it. #truth
Ahahaha Moment- 
Yesterday, I had 2 companions that weren't even missionaries. I still had to go to the Worcester 1&2 Wards and the Hermanas had to go to their branch so I had M and M be my companions for 2nd and 1st Ward respectively. It was great and both said that as they left and dropped me off with my next or real companions that they felt empty and that it was just wrong to be alone... #truth
Lots of funny things have happened but I just cant remember what they were... #Fail.
OH! Also! Sister M's Birthday was on Thursday, Sister F's is tomorrow and mine is in 2 weeks! Woohooo!
So yeah. That is my week. How was yours? 
I love you all. Sorry that this is so scatter brained I just cant seem to focus on emailing when I have to figure out monthly goals right after. 
Have a wonderful week. 
You are all so loved!
Be good!
Sister Alexander
Pic 1- Sister M's Birthday! 
Pic 2- Transfer Meeting goodbyes. Both Elder T and Sister V went home! We were a district for 2 transfers with out any changes! I love these people! 
Pic 3- Me and President and Sister Packard

Monday, June 22, 2015

Count Your Many Blessings

Hello My Friends! How are you all doing on this fine Monday Morning? 
I am doing well. So stinkin' well :)
This week was way less bad crazy and more good crazy haha. The good Vlad. :)
Miracles of the Week
We got to visit a Young Women this past week C with the YW president. She is awesome but we were worried that she would feel uncomfortable with us being there. At the end of the meeting the Young Women's president asked her if she could bring her anything next time and she just goes, "Can you bring the Sisters next week?" YESSSS!!!!! She is so darling. I love her so much. It is crazy how on your mission you just feel a portion of how much God loves his children and you are so full. I just cant imagine how I would handle all of that love!!!
-E's Baptism-
Sunday night was the E kid's baptism. J, S, and W Jr. The spirit was so strong. I love those kids so much. 
Miracles AKA Aha moment
I often am reminded of the story of the woman who wants to be happy so she decided to count her negative thoughts. At the end of the week not only was she miserable but she looked at her count and it was so high. She was devastated and then she had the thought that she should focus on the positive. Count the blessings. Remember the miracles. Conjure up happiness. And it worked. She had the best week ever and her count for good was wayyy higher than the one for bad. So that is what I have started to do. Randomly during the day when I am feeling stressed or worried I just say, "Miracles go," and Sister V and I trade off saying a miracle until we are happy. Some days are harder than others but we always end up saying stupid things and laughing about it. 
Ahahahaha Moments
I know that there were a lot but I have to think because I could have sworn that I put them in my planner but alas.
YAYAYAYA I found it!!! Ahahah. This is sad. I basically write my train of thought ahaha. 
So on Wednesday we went to dinner with a Ghanaian family in 1st ward and they made us "Ground Nut Soup" which in English is Peanut Butter Soup!!!! It is basically chicken, tomatoes, peanut butter, broth and a bunch of habanero peppers. You put a rice ball in your bowl then scoop the soup in with a lot of broth and then... you use your hands to eat it. They use their hands for everything in Ghana so... we did too!!! It was so fun! Also I found out at their house that Donald Trump is running for president... uhm... #WhatTheWhat Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter on Wednesday. 
T-Text results
Also last night was t-texts! I am staying in Woostah which isn't a surprise! I will be here for at least 7 1/2 months!!!! Craziness!!!! Transfer meeting is on Saturday! I cant believe that it has already been 2 transfers and it is time for Sister V to go home :( I am going to miss her so much. The Hermanas are also staying!!! Woohoooooo!!! We get to celebrate our birthdays together! Sister F's is on the 30th and Sister M's is on the 26th and mine... mine is on the 13th of July... right around the corner??? O.o 20? Uhm no thanks
So yeah. Life is good. Miracles are abounding in Worcester. I love this Work. I love my Heavenly Father.
You are all soooo loved!
Be good!
Sister Alexander
Pic 1: Sister V and I- The epitome of our relationship. One of us being crazy the other awkward haha... nice :)
Pic 2: The E's Baptism!!! Sister V, Me, Brother F who baptized, S (Tall one in front) then Brother B, who baptized, J, and Elder P (who seriously can't smile unless he jabs someone in the side before a picture) who baptized W Jr., Yeah. Oh and M and P, who is P and P's son :)
Pic 3: Oh! I almost forgot! The picture of Peanut Butter Soup! Soooo good!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Like the Bad Vlad, or the Bunny Vlad That Makes the Cookies?

This week was crazy... in all uses of the word, good and bad (hence the subject line). Like, I literally have no clue where to even start, what to even include or how to convey the insanity that ensued his week. 
Miracles of the week:
In bullet format because my brain is everywhere.
-M came to church! 
-P and P were confirmed and they both felt the spirit super strong!
-The Digi Sister came to visit and we started introducing the digital mission to members. 
-We got to do service a lot this week! 
-We got a Ward Mission Leader in 1st ward! It has been 4 months! MIRACLES!!!
Aha moment: 
Due to the craziness we did a lot of praying this week. For guidance, for peace, for revelation and it came. Our prayers were answered. Not quite in the way that we expected, but they came. 
Ahaha moment: 
We carved watermelon this week for Zone P-day. It was so much fun.
Note: the shirts that Sister F and I are wearing :) #CosmicosbyForTheWin 
I totally cut my hair this week. Well, actually Sister V cut my hair. It was driving me nuts so I asked her to chop it haha. I love it!
Sorry this is so short. It was a weird, weird, weird week. Hope that yours was better!
You are all so loved! 
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Carved Watermelons #WINGS #ZonePdayZonePicture
Picture 2- Short hair don't care :)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Oh Happy Day!

Hello All!!! This week was AMAZING!!!!
Like... still can't quite comprehend everything that happened yet... So, let's see if this email even makes sense!
Miracles of the week-
P and P were baptized yesterday! We were seriously at the church from 7AM to 9PM. It was the best most exhausting day ever! It was so cool! P came up out of the water and I handed her a towel and asked her how she felt an she just said, "happy," with this huge smile on her face. Also, M gave the opening prayer, J gave a talk and R gave the closing prayer. Almost all of my recent converts were there... It was like my happy place haha. I got a picture :) or like 12
I just love exchanges. This time was especially awesome because it just so happens that I went to Weston, and guess who is roommates with the Sister Training Leaders? Sister T. It was so great to see her and like brush my teeth in her presence... that is creepy but I am leaving it. We got to see a bunch of people in Weston that are so solid! It is so cool to see the Lord hastening his work in New England! I love this place!!!
    -Zone Meeting Miracles-
I love Zone meetings. So, at Zone Meeting we were asked to share how we extend baptismal commitments, and we basically just said that people come to us asking when they can be baptized but it is so important to invite them! We have had so many people not feel ready but they love that we trust them enough and feel that they are ready enough for it to happen. So, we were challenged to invite every one of our investigators to be baptized. 
So we started. On Saturday we met with W and his kids and guess what happened. We planned on extending a date and W just goes, "I think that they are ready to be baptized. Why should I be holding them back? Just because I have to figure things out doesn't mean that they do. They should be baptized next week." We just had to smile. They will be baptized on June 21st, Sister V's last weekend on the mission. It was so cool. They came to the baptism of their aunt and uncle too and LOVED IT. The bishops wife and I were talking with J about temples and she was awestruck at their beauty, sacredness and the fact that you can be married there for free haha. It was such an awesome conversation!
    -Digi Mish-
Last but not least, I am back on the Digi mission! Our whole zone is now a part of this awesome work! It was super sweet! Elder P, one of the Zone Leaders, found out that on Saturday, a girl that he was teaching from Ecuador was baptized! Gah! so cool! 
Aha moment-
I just was able to feel the love that Heavenly Father has for me when I was able to be surrounded by people hat I love at the baptism last night. The spirit was so strong and we were all just so happy.
Ahaha moment-
So picture this: burnt rice, missionaries scrambling around the church trying to waft the smoke away from the smoke detectors, fire alarms blaring, and the Senior couple pull up to the church... ahaha We were all dying.
"There is a reason that it is called Minute rice, Not 5 minute rice"- Sister A 
Life is so good! I love Worcester, I love my companion, I love this work and I love my Heavenly Father! ("and I love you random citizen")
You are all SO loved! 
Be good!
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Exchanges with Sister C
Picture 2- P and P's Baptism!
Picture 3- The whole crew that came to the baptism! The 3 African American kiddos in the front are W's kids! 
Picture 4- Almost all of the recent converts since I have been in Worcester.
P, M, P, R, with her grandma(who has been a member, Photobombing), Me, Sister V, M, J and R! So many of my very favorite people!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Highest of Laws

Hello my friends.
It is raining here in Worcester on this mighty fine 1st day of June. So, I am wearing tights and boots. #WelcomeToWorcester
This week has been a whirlwind but I will attempt to tell you all about it!

Miracles of the Week-
Temple- We went to the temple on Monday and did an Endowment session, then we went down to the baptistery to see J and R do Baptisms for the dead. The spirit was so strong! Then we were asked to help upstairs with some other ordinances so we got to spend the whole morning at the temple. It was awesome. 

Z - We had just had a training on Friday reminding us to listen to the spirit and we went to go and see P and P. We passed this girl on the steps and she looked really sad. So we went to see P and P and they called us and let us know that they weren't home. So, we both had a feeling that we should talk to her so we did and she was super interested! She has had a crazy life but she was reading the Book of Mormon as she walked away! We are very excited to see her embrace the gospel and feel the love that her Heavenly Father has for her!

Surprise- This is more funny than a miracle but it was cool that we were there for it...
So, on Saturday we were asked to go to Lowell for a 13 stake Women's conference. It was huge. We were basically crowd control but it was super cool to feel the spirit so strong and to see so many members and non-members talking about faith. There were 2 key-note speakers S N, the wonderful woman who was in a plane accident a couple years ago, whom I LOVE! The other was someone that I have no idea who they were and we were busy when she spoke but then at the end they were all, "There is a slight change in the Program, we have a guest who is unexpectedly here and we would like to welcome Elder Jeffery R. Holland to the conference." You should have heard the gasps ahaha I thought I was going to pee myself I was laughing so hard. The spirit is strong with that one. I also got to see some of my ward members from Madison! It was so great to see them! 
Aha Moment-
The Hermanas told us about the Latino Conference where Elder Holland was as well. You had to 1) be a Spanish missionary and 2) bring a Less-Active or an Investigator. So we obviously could not go. But! They basically told us everything ahaha. So he talked about how we have to have safe places where we can feel free to worship. Where the spirit is there and we can help others feel that. Then he talked about how our homes should be one of those places. He introduced what I like to call "The Highest of Laws"... It is a law to tolerate other people. In school we learn to treat others how we want to be treated. Then Elder Holland said something that really hit me hard. He said,
 "Treat those around you as you would treat the Savior, or how the Savior would treat them."
 Like... it is kind of a duh concept but I can at least say for myself that I have never thought of it. We are children of our Heavenly Father. Every single one of us. Why wouldn't and don't we treat each other as such? 
Ahhaha moment-
We were sitting with M eating food and she just goes, "You know, I am okay with having to wear dresses to church now even though I have always been kind of a tomboy..." We were all, "Why is that?" and she says, "Well, Jesus Christ wore a dress every day so I can on Sundays if I am trying to be like him." We laughed so hard. She is so cute. 

Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful week! 
You are all so loved!
Be Good!
Sister Alexander