Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello from Madison Connecticut!!!
So new transfer means new planner and guess who left last weeks planner at home...
This Girl!!
Oh, well. Bear with my obnoxious attempt to remember what happened this week.
Monday- We had a lesson with the W's in our cat shirts. They appreciated them :)
We also went to the most darling little cupcake shop in the world. Twas a fun last hoorah P-Day for Sister G!
Tuesday- We essentially went around and had our usual appointments with L and then we had dinner at the T's home. We went straight to E's and said our goodbyes...I felt like I was the one leaving and then I realized that a part of me was...(Insert "AWW" or "how presh" here) But, it is true! We totally started finishing each others sentences and were pretty much one person. Oh well, that is the purpose of sharing/spreading Zion. Right on.
Wednesday- The highlight would have to be the INSANE storm that we drove through. Holy Cannoli! So Sister G and I drove up to Weston Mass for Transfer Meeting. Then, Sister Gr and I drove Sister G's stuff to Providence and then we drove home. We were in the craziest storm that I have ever seen. It was like we just decided to drive into the ocean. You know, cause that's safe. But, we got home at like 1:00 AM. Good stuff.
Thursday- We were supposed to wake up at 4:30 AM so that we could get ready and go teach seminary at the M's house, but the alarm didn't go off and we woke up at 6 instead. It sure felt like 4:30 though. So we hurried and got dressed and we were only five minutes late for class which was fine because our lesson didn't even start for another 5 minutes. That was great and then we went home and looked in the mirror and we were all, "shoot that was what we looked like while teaching that class...the poor things."
Friday- We had to be out of the house by 7:30 so that they could re-do our bathroom shower was leaking or something? So we went and did our studies at the church. We then had a District Meeting and that was fun.
Saturday- We went and helped Sister P decorate for her Halloween party. I carved a pumpkin. So fun. Then, we went and saw Sister Go. By this time Sister Gr and I were exhausted from getting home late and waking up early. But, we carried on and had a wonderful meeting with our Primary President.
Sunday- We had a great day at church and we got to have a lesson with L.
This week was a little crazy with transfers and getting Sister Gr acquainted with the area, but, I love her and we are super excited to work with each other!
We are basically the same person. She is from Gilbert, AZ, that is right, an AZ companion! We like the same things and don't like the same things and she understands why Daylight Savings Time doesn't make any sense haha! It really was a wonderful week filled with adventure.
Transfer Meeting was wonderful. So, they have the missionaries who are leaving bear their testimonies and then President Packard and his wonderful wife talked to us. He read Ether 12 with us and dissected it. It was phenomenal.
Ether 12:27 " And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."
Oh my goodness. How wonderful is it that we have the opportunity to use our weakness to grow. That is something that I have been working on. I am trying to not put myself down when something doesn't go as planned but to instead humble myself and ask my Heavenly Father for help. And He does help me!
I know that He will help you too! If you ask Heavenly Father for help, it doesn't even matter if you think that the thing is silly, He will help you!
Have a wonderful week! Also, please pray for A, he is super busy and so he is, "too tired to come to church." It is a bummer, but, we have faith that it will work out!
Be good, crazies!
Sister Alexander


Monday, October 20, 2014


Hello Friends and Family! 
This week was T-Texts and guess what... I am Staying in Madison and Sister G is getting transferred to Providence RI!
What the What!?!?!
 It still hasn't hit either of us, but we are both excited because this is what the Lord wants! We can feel it in our bones!
My new Companion is Sister T's (My Spirit animal) Trainer. SO EXCITED! I will miss my mom a lot though... like A LOT a lot.
Let's see the run down for the week. 
Monday- We had the best talk with our ward's Relief Society President. I love this ward so much! 
Tuesday- We had our first lesson with E's dad and mom together! Oh my lanta that family is the best. They all are so kind and willing to listen! We also got to see A and she asked soooo many deep questions! The best part... they ALL are answered with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! What a blessing. I have seriously sung the song from that weird Johnny Appleseed movie that is all, "The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the apple seed the Lord is good to me," like 20 billion times this week. #nerdissues.
Wednesday-We saw Meet the Mormons!!!! They showed it at the Stake Center for all of the missionaries in the stake and Oh my goodness gracious! It was so good! The candy bomber was my favorite and the Navy Football Coach :) We also had a lesson with A and Book of Mormon night that was awesome!
Thursday-Weekly Planning went AWESOME. I am soooo pumped for this transfer! We also saw L, who is HILARIOUS. 
Friday- District Meeting and then we went and saw some people in the Ward in Branford. We got to see J, who has committed to praying every night and so far she has and she is seeing a difference! We were supposed to get T-Texts at like 1:30 but they were busy and President wanted to perfect the companionship's so they didn't come until 10:00 that night. We were dying. President called and I just about died when he asked for Sister G. She totally called it too. It will be good, she has always wanted to serve in a ghetto place and she never has. Until now haha. :) 
Saturday-We were soooo busy! We had breakfast with our STL's (Sister Training Leaders) and then we went and visited a bunch of people that we knew Sister G probably wont be able to see before she leaves. 
Sunday- Yesterday was soooo busy too! We had church and then we met with the Bishop, who is wonderful by the way. Then we went and visited some people with E and our phone totally died and we were late for our dinner appointment but its all good haha. Crazy adventures with the Sister Missionaries :) Then we had another lesson with A, about the Sabbath Day and guess what!?!?! A finally said the closing prayer and it was beautiful!!! Oh my goodness. He is changing and he can see it! It was a wonderful day. Oh! We had the best surprise on our doorstep when we got home too! It was a package from Sister G's mom that had a bunch of yummy treats and... two cat shirts! Oh my goodness! She feeds my obsession! So thank you D! You are the BEST!!! We will take a picture later and send it next week! 
It was a wonderful week! 
I have been so blessed to work with Sister G and to live here in Madison! This Gospel is so true and it truly does help people change and come closer to Christ and find the path that Heavenly Father has for them. 
I have a bunch of videos that I have taken that I will send next Monday. 
I love you all, and wish you all the BEST! 
Sister Alexander

Monday, October 13, 2014

It was the Best of Times, It was the...Oddest of Times

This week... Oh boy this week. 
Here are the highlights:
Monday- We went to Woodbridge, which is like 45 minutes away for Zone P-Day, and they all canceled on us soooo... We went shopping! We went to Burlington Coat Factory and Target. I finally got a big ole winter coat. It is navy and it is darling. I still have yet to get boots, but, it is just because I am super picky and I haven't found any that I like enough haha. 
Tuesday- Yucky day. I woke up with a dark and stormy rain cloud over my head. It was awful. I just felt guilty all day for nothing! But, we did get to teach E and L and the Spirit was super strong! If you havent really read Joseph Smith History, I suggest that you do.
Wednesday- We went and did service at the Soup Kitchen. I had the most wonderful experience of my life. I will tell it in a second. 
Thursday- BEST DAY EVER. Seriously I don't know what it was that made it so wonderful but we were on a cloud! And two people canceled on us and it still was awesome! 
Friday- We got to see the W family! Sister W is a member who hasn't been coming since she got married and she started to with her two kiddos in April. Her husband is wonderful and he doesn't really know much about the church, but, we had a lesson on Loving Your Family and we gave them "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and Sister Weaver was very excited about it. We also painted pumpkins... that was cool.
Saturday- We got to see J again for the first time in like 3 weeks. We made a deal with her that we get to teach her the lessons and she gets to make it as hard as she wants for us. She is a member but she has had a lot of trials that she has chosen to rebel against the norm because of. We love her. She texted us later saying that she wants us to teach her not a character, and that she doesn't want to rebel anymore. AHHH so cool! The Gospel of Jesus Christ helps people want to change! 
Sunday- Church was amazing. After we went to a R's house (A hobbit hole) and we talked to him about Prayer and how much Heavenly Father loves him. He was able to watch Conference and he and Brother and Sister R (who came with us) all agreed that Uchtdorf has,"got it all" haha we were dying.  R has a cat named Max. Max loves me. He fell asleep in my arms. Twice. :)
Today- Ahahaha Oh goodness today. Last night the heater in the basement was making the whole house shake and it was shaking the bathroom door which was driving me nuts so I went to go and shut it and I had this feeling that I shouldn't (One would think that by now I would listen to those feelings...gah.) and I did anyway. Instantly knew that it wasn't going to open up again... the handle just turned around and around. So this morning in my sleepy, drooly glory we got dressed and went shopping and used the ShopRite Bathroom hahaha. SAD. But one of the Less-Actives in the ward came by with his wife and he opened it in like 5 seconds. Pshhh. Whatever. 
Now the moment that you have all been waiting for: The top reason that Bailey-Errrr Sister Alexander is a total Creep
So, like 2 weeks ago Sister G and I were driving home from Branford and we passed by this old man that I pretty much instantly fell in love with... not really...but, he made me really happy just seeing him. He is like... ummm a gangster grandpa from Whoville. I just adored that man when I saw him. So on Wednesday of this week, when we were getting in our car from service, I have to back Sister G up in the car so I stayed out and I looked up and there he was! And guess what?!?! HE TALKED TO ME!!!  Oh my goodness gracious. He is from Eastern Europe and he told me that he goes to church every Sunday and we got to give him a bunch of pamphlets. But guess what, I was so stunned that I totally spaced giving him our card! Gah! He shook my hand and then he was off. Then, THEN. Here is where the creep status comes in. Sister G was all, "Why didnt you ask for a picture?" and I wanted to cry because I didnt even think of it, so on Friday, when we were driving through Branford, and we saw him... Sister G turned around so I could get a picture. I did. :) Life MADE. He is pretty much my most favorite person on the earth. Good old Connecticut. 
Transfer Texts are on Friday. Meaning if I am leaving I will know by next P-Day. I don't want to go. 
Thought of the week:
Sister G and I were talking about Faith and Prayer and I realized (It is kind of a Dur thing, don't judge) that we share the Gospel with everyone because they literally, "Know not where to find it," I always was just like, "Well they could pray, but what if they don't know how to pray???"
You guys, we have such a huge responsibility. We can help people come to the knowledge that not only are they Children of God, but that He always loves them. ALWAYS. What a blessing.
Well, I love hearing from you all and I hope that the flooding has died down. EVERY single person I tell that I am from AZ gets all worried that my family is going to drown. 
Be Safe, Be good. 
Sister Alexander
My best friend in the whole world
 The cutest kiddos in the world. The sass is real in these ones haha.

Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference was the BEST!

Like seriously. But I will get to that in a second. 
This week was awesome. It started with us being really worried about scheduling because last week we were always gone and we didn't have a lot of time to do it but Heavenly Father loves his servants because Holy Cow we were soooo busy this week. Our planners were so stinking full. It was amazing. 
Highlights :)
Monday- We had dinner with one of the 3 "Young" families in the ward. They play a game during dinner where they each go around and ask yes or no questions guessing our first names. It was so fun haha. I highly suggest it. I also got a cat shirt.... It is a 3XL.
I love it so much.
Tuesday-We had a lesson with L and with A. For A's lesson we had dinner with an adorable family in the ward. Then their son talked about the first vision for Faith in God and we emphasized the importance of the Book of Mormon. It was great. 
Wednesday- We had Book of Mormon Night and 8 people came!!!! It was awesome! We read Enos and talked about personal revelation and the importance of prayer. It was great. Then we came home to our new car! It is white and we still have yet to name it but it is a 2015 Corolla. Ish nice. 
Thursday-We got to see 3 different less actives in the ward. They were all so wonderful we are planning on seeing them again soon :)
Friday-We had zone meeting and we found out that we get to watch Meet the Mormons at the Stake Center soon. Super exciting. Go see it! I dare you!!!
Saturday- Conference!  We watched it at the church. The crazy thing about Conference here is that morning session starts at 12:00 and afternoon session is at 4:00 I LOVED the different language speakers. Their talks were some of my favorites! Oh and 88,000 + missionaries!?!?! WOOT WOOT!!!! 
Sunday-We watched "Morning session" at a members house and pretty much had Thanksgiving dinner for brunch. It was AWESOME. One of the Sisters in the ward pointed out that the Apostles were speaking about following the Prophet and the Prophet spoke about following Christ. Good stuff! 
I LOVED Bednar's talk to non-members. Gah! Conference Rocks! 
Well I love you all! Be good! 
Sister Alexander