Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference Makes Me Happy

Hello Family and Friends! How are you!?
First off... Wasn't General Conference AMAZING?
I loved like all of the talks! Here are some of my favorite thoughts!
"Exaltation is our goal, discipleship is the journey"
"Be better, Climb Higher"
"Straighten Up and Fly right"
"If you want more than you already have, reach up not across"
" A mother's love never faileth" I LOVE YOU MOM!
"Some answers come as a process rather than an event"
"Sometimes Christ Succors us by giving us the strength to endure"
"Radiate the Light of Christ"
"Communicate the Gospel with clarity and the spirit"
"Always remember Him"
"There IS sunshine in my Soul"
"Choose to obey with confidence"
"Repentance helps us to have no more disposition to do evil"
"We need to be good and getting better"
"When you can not do what you have always done, you only do what matters most"
"Come what may, and LOVE it"
I hope that as you watched or listened to General Conference you were able to feel the Spirit of God testify to you that He loves you, that there is indeed a Prophet on earth today and that at least one of your questions was answered. I know that all of mine were. 
This week was a little crazy with all the rain. It was like 49 degrees and all my coats are in Worcester ahaha. It was quite the adventure. I have learned that life is always an adventure.
Go and find your adventure, keeping the commandments and fulfilling your responsibilities first of course ahahaha. 
You are all so loved!
Be good!
Sister Alexander
Pic- Sister G and I!

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