Monday, August 11, 2014


First, so that I don't forget, find the cheesiest/weirdest version of the Hymn "Scatter Sunshine" and send it to me on a disc. You will see why in due time.
Sister Giblette just got the email telling her her departure date in December and we just... NO. 
I love it here in Madison! It is BEAUTIFUL! The people here are so nice. We have only had the door slammed in our faces like 3 times! Out of like 100! Wooohoo! That is pretty much all we did this week. We were asked to go around to all of the women who are less active and see what they think about getting Visiting Teachers. Granted out of all of those people maybe 20 opened their door and like 4 let us come in and share a message. On Wednesday, we volunteer at the high school in Branford 2 towns over, but alas still in our ward Boundaries and we do the free summer lunch program. I made like 72 custom sandwiches. It was a blast! School doesn't start for these kiddos until the 28th so we get to still do it on Wednesday. Then we will be working at a soup kitchen.
 Guess what they have here?
I introduced Sister Giblette to it and now it is a mandatory Wednesday occurrence. We just gotta have our Italian Ice. MMMMMMMMMM! Don't worry haha I have legitly not gained a pound since I left home and I don't really plan on it. 
Thursday was President Interviews and Training which was cool. Our AP's are Elder Wright and Elder Carvahlio and they are fantastic!
Then, on Friday was a Zone Meeting which was hilarious. They invited a bunch of recent converts from the New Haven Ward and had us role-play different finding situations with them and the Spanish-speaking sisters had to speak in English which they know perfectly but they are so used to speaking Spanish that it was soooo awkward and one of them just ended up blurting "Can I get your number?" and the kid just like fell on the floor laughing. We all learned a lot and we get along really well too which is good.
Then Saturday! AHHH Saturday! we woke up and got ready to help a less active Sister P but she never answered our calls about when she wanted us to come over so we went finding instead. Then, we had another appointment and she cancelled because she wasn't feeling well, so we were bummed because we had asked E, our Recent Convert, to come out with us. We still picked her up and we continued Less Active Hunting, then we got a text from the Sister we were going to help move, that said that she was sick too and she didn't want us to get sick. We said that she was fine and that if she needed anything we could help. She replied that she had been feeling a pull towards church and then we showed up on her door step and that it was an answer to her prayers and that she really wanted to meet with us when she felt better. It made our day! Then E asked a question that was exactly what Sister Giblette had studied that morning and that was awesome.
Then we went to Robert's House, he is a convert of like 1 1/2 years, and we had the feeling that we needed to talk to him about revelation and receiving answers through the Book of Mormon.
It was exactly what he needed. The spirit was so strong and we were able to answer all of his questions. The Lord is Wonderful! R is like 85 and he is still working as a civil engineer and he keeps on getting asked to retire and he just says "No thanks" and goes back to what he was doing. He lives in this tiny little house that is like a Hobbit Hole with his cat Max and he is just darling. 
Sunday, we had Ward Council and church was just fantastic. Then, we had dinner at a family's house that seriously could have come straight out of Pinterest. It was so cute. OH! And on Sunday, E told us that she asked her Mom and Nan to take the Discussions and they both said Yes! GAHHHH!!!! We are so excited!!!!! Life is GREAT!!!! 
I heard about the Phoenix Temple being Dedicated on Nov 16th! How cool and wonderful! 
Send me letters! I love letters! 
I know that our Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and answers them. I know that through the Book of Mormon we can receive answers for ourselves about anything, we just have to ask.
Share this truth with others if you know it to be true. If you dont, try it out. I dare you ;)
I love you all and I love this Gospel. 
Be good 
Sister Alexander
PS. All of the houses here have siding, and the furthest west Emily has ever been was Pennsylvania. So we spent like 15 minutes in the car trying to describe houses that have stucco and I just thought that it was funny...
PPS Yes, she is wearing a cat shirt. This is why we are besties

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