Monday, August 18, 2014

One Month???

This morning during studies, I realized that I have been a Missionary for 1 whole month and 2 days! WHAT!?!?!
And I just realized that means that I only have 17 months left. I don't like that. Too fast! This week went by so fast! We had a bunch of member lessons! Honestly was great! Our ward is wonderful and everyone is actively searching for ways to share this wonderful Gospel! The world definitely needs the good news that we have.
We were at the post office when we saw a newspaper about Robin Williams. I pray for his family. E, our recent convert and the coolest person ever, said that, "The gospel just brings comfort and answers that you really can't find anywhere else." How true! We were able to teach her mom and grandmother on Wednesday! The spirit was so strong!
I love being a missionary because before... I hated humans. Okay, I really didn't like humans. Just the whole talking and being social thing was just, ugh. But now! I could probably talk to everyone!  I dont know how much they would understand and how correct it would be, but hey, I'm talking! People are great here too. They just wish you well with the cause and politely close their door. I don't really like starting the conversations though. I am trying :)
There is a song that I found on my iPod by Mindy Gledhill that I think is called Garden Walls. Look it up. It is phenomenal. 
I think I am going to do like a one good thing about the day thing for the week just so it is easier to sum up. 
Monday- I ate my first Canoli. Mmmmmmmm! OH! and I got a dress at a thrift shop! It is a Ralph Lauren button down dress with a collar and I got it for $15. Booyah!
Tuesday- We had dinner at this families house that has 4 blonde boys all under the age of 9. They were all showing off and it reminded me of the boys when we were younger and guests would come over. Their 2 year old reminded me so much of Anna (my 4 year old cousin) He was very independent haha. 
Wednesday- Teaching My first lesson! Sister Giblette says that it is rare to have your first lesson actually be the first lesson. It was great! 
Thursday- We visited a less-active family and they were great! They also have a little black cat that is named "Totes supe's adorbs" and they call him Soup. Love it. Everyone here has cats. It is glorious. 
Friday- At district meeting we had a get to know you question that rocked! 
It was to look at the hymn "More Holiness Give Me" and to choose a line that you most want to work on.
Mine is personally, "More purpose in Prayer," because I know that prayers are 2-way conversations with Heavenly Father but I often pray at Him rather than to Him. So that is what I have been working on. What do y'all want to work on? Let me know! 
Saturday- We went Less-Active Hunting in Old Saybrook, the town east of us, and we met a bunch of wonderful people! 
Sunday- Sacrament meeting was fantastic! One family gave all of the talks and he is the new Institute director for Yale (The building that we meet at for district meetings is on Yale campus woot!) so he knows so much. It was fantastic! Then we went to their house for dinner too. It was a spirit filled day. The Best. 
And last just some random things: 
1) Dont worry about emailing me long emails, I have plenty of time to read them. I might not reply long but I will read it and it makes me super happy! 
2) Did you know the all of the apostles (I think that it is all of them) has a Twitter account. I was dying when I found out. Just the thought of Jeffery R Holland tweeting make me giggle. 
3) Watch "We are One" on It gave us goosebumps, what a wonderful time to live! 
4)I thought a lot about my primary kiddos this week. Give them my love! 
I love you all, and I love it out here! The Lord is hastening His Work! Be good! 
Sister Alexander 


The Houses here are like Hobbit holes. SO CUTE!

Essentially all of my time spent in the car consists of becoming nauseated, making appointments and eating pretzel crisps.
 If I get fat out here, it is 100% because of pretzel crisps.

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