Monday, August 25, 2014

Do What He Would Do

First of all, Thank you so much to the Stake Girls Camp for sending me a bunch of letters. They absolutely made my day! 
This week was crazy, and yet there is barely anything to tell y'all! 
On Wednesday we had "Return & Report", the new missionary fireside thing. It was in Belmont MA, so the drive was a good hour and a half. It was cool though because we drove through fog the whole time. And we saw a tire that was on fire. That was cool too. My District was all there (My MTC District will always be MY district). I just about cried when I saw Sister Thompson. They are all doing awesome, which was a tender mercy, because I have a tenancy to stress out about how other people are doing. It was good to know that we are in the exact place that we are supposed to be. President Packard talked about how we are supposed to represent the Savior in EVERYTHING that we do.
"Go where he would go. Say what he would say. Do what he would do."
We should do what He would be doing if He was the one wearing the name tag.
President Packard also talked about how at baptism we promise to Choose the right, or CTR
Keep the Commandments
Take upon us His name
Always Remember Him
Clever right? 
We then went to the Boston Temple.

We taught both of our Investigators this week. F has started to pray again! GAH! We were so excited! 
We also got another Investigator named A, from the New Haven sisters. We are going to take him on a church tour tomorrow, We are excited to see how that goes. 
Saturday we had exchanges. It was a blast. I stayed in Madison with Sister Slater, and we learned how to stack wood, we went to a summer BBQ for a LA in the ward, who said that he wants to come back to church, for the first time in over 20 years.
We also taught a lesson and knocked on some doors. It was over all a really good week.
Yesterday, we saw this little frog on the church door. It was precious. I would have kept it but we aren't allowed to have pets. He would have died in my pocket but still. 
I loved getting all of your emails and your letters! 
Have a fantastic week and remember to be examples of those who Believe in Christ. 
#Sharegoodness :)
Sister Alexander

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