Monday, October 13, 2014

It was the Best of Times, It was the...Oddest of Times

This week... Oh boy this week. 
Here are the highlights:
Monday- We went to Woodbridge, which is like 45 minutes away for Zone P-Day, and they all canceled on us soooo... We went shopping! We went to Burlington Coat Factory and Target. I finally got a big ole winter coat. It is navy and it is darling. I still have yet to get boots, but, it is just because I am super picky and I haven't found any that I like enough haha. 
Tuesday- Yucky day. I woke up with a dark and stormy rain cloud over my head. It was awful. I just felt guilty all day for nothing! But, we did get to teach E and L and the Spirit was super strong! If you havent really read Joseph Smith History, I suggest that you do.
Wednesday- We went and did service at the Soup Kitchen. I had the most wonderful experience of my life. I will tell it in a second. 
Thursday- BEST DAY EVER. Seriously I don't know what it was that made it so wonderful but we were on a cloud! And two people canceled on us and it still was awesome! 
Friday- We got to see the W family! Sister W is a member who hasn't been coming since she got married and she started to with her two kiddos in April. Her husband is wonderful and he doesn't really know much about the church, but, we had a lesson on Loving Your Family and we gave them "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and Sister Weaver was very excited about it. We also painted pumpkins... that was cool.
Saturday- We got to see J again for the first time in like 3 weeks. We made a deal with her that we get to teach her the lessons and she gets to make it as hard as she wants for us. She is a member but she has had a lot of trials that she has chosen to rebel against the norm because of. We love her. She texted us later saying that she wants us to teach her not a character, and that she doesn't want to rebel anymore. AHHH so cool! The Gospel of Jesus Christ helps people want to change! 
Sunday- Church was amazing. After we went to a R's house (A hobbit hole) and we talked to him about Prayer and how much Heavenly Father loves him. He was able to watch Conference and he and Brother and Sister R (who came with us) all agreed that Uchtdorf has,"got it all" haha we were dying.  R has a cat named Max. Max loves me. He fell asleep in my arms. Twice. :)
Today- Ahahaha Oh goodness today. Last night the heater in the basement was making the whole house shake and it was shaking the bathroom door which was driving me nuts so I went to go and shut it and I had this feeling that I shouldn't (One would think that by now I would listen to those feelings...gah.) and I did anyway. Instantly knew that it wasn't going to open up again... the handle just turned around and around. So this morning in my sleepy, drooly glory we got dressed and went shopping and used the ShopRite Bathroom hahaha. SAD. But one of the Less-Actives in the ward came by with his wife and he opened it in like 5 seconds. Pshhh. Whatever. 
Now the moment that you have all been waiting for: The top reason that Bailey-Errrr Sister Alexander is a total Creep
So, like 2 weeks ago Sister G and I were driving home from Branford and we passed by this old man that I pretty much instantly fell in love with... not really...but, he made me really happy just seeing him. He is like... ummm a gangster grandpa from Whoville. I just adored that man when I saw him. So on Wednesday of this week, when we were getting in our car from service, I have to back Sister G up in the car so I stayed out and I looked up and there he was! And guess what?!?! HE TALKED TO ME!!!  Oh my goodness gracious. He is from Eastern Europe and he told me that he goes to church every Sunday and we got to give him a bunch of pamphlets. But guess what, I was so stunned that I totally spaced giving him our card! Gah! He shook my hand and then he was off. Then, THEN. Here is where the creep status comes in. Sister G was all, "Why didnt you ask for a picture?" and I wanted to cry because I didnt even think of it, so on Friday, when we were driving through Branford, and we saw him... Sister G turned around so I could get a picture. I did. :) Life MADE. He is pretty much my most favorite person on the earth. Good old Connecticut. 
Transfer Texts are on Friday. Meaning if I am leaving I will know by next P-Day. I don't want to go. 
Thought of the week:
Sister G and I were talking about Faith and Prayer and I realized (It is kind of a Dur thing, don't judge) that we share the Gospel with everyone because they literally, "Know not where to find it," I always was just like, "Well they could pray, but what if they don't know how to pray???"
You guys, we have such a huge responsibility. We can help people come to the knowledge that not only are they Children of God, but that He always loves them. ALWAYS. What a blessing.
Well, I love hearing from you all and I hope that the flooding has died down. EVERY single person I tell that I am from AZ gets all worried that my family is going to drown. 
Be Safe, Be good. 
Sister Alexander
My best friend in the whole world
 The cutest kiddos in the world. The sass is real in these ones haha.

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