Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's See How Many Times I End Up Writing 2014 on Accident...

HELLO!!! Happy New Year! How was your last few days of 2014 and first few days of 2015? I hope that they were wicked awesome! Mine sure were! 
Monday- We Went to the Woodbridge building, our Stake Center, to have zone P-Day but then all of the Elders decided to play basketball so we went to Target. Then we went to the Y's and had a really yummy diner and A was there too!
Tuesday- We had dinner with the S's and then we were able to visit some more people in the ward that live in Branford. 
Wednesday- Sister G was sick and so was E so we couldn't go to the temple like we planned and we had to be in out apartment by 6:00 so that we weren't on the roads with crazies so we planned at the church and then we went home so that Sister G could try to sleep. I ended up writing out my goals for 2015 and catching up on my journal. 
Seeing as I will be on my mission for the entirety of 2015 I came up with these resolutions to be the Best Missionary I can be.
2015 New Years Resolutions:
(or at least the ones that I can remember)
-Stop Biting my Fingernails.#needstostop
-Read the Book of Mormon at least 3 times
-Write one Tender Mercy or miracle of the day in my planner EVERYDAY
-Take at least one picture everyday
-Write in my journal at least every other day.
I have more, but I forgot to bring my journal with me to email haha. Bummer
We also went to bed at 10:00 It was the best New Years ever.
Thursday- We got to go and see our friend P, who lives in the Pemberly Retirement Center. I will have to take a picture of it next time we are there. She is darling. 
Friday- We had District Meeting, which was awesome and then we had a birthday lunch with C because she turned 81 on Saturday. She is hilarious! I got a video of her threatening to shoot us with whipped cream. Good stuff. We also had breakfast for dinner with the VDM's and they all sat in for a lesson! Woohoo! 
Saturday- OH Saturday was just the coolest day ever! We had an awesome lesson with M in the morning about the Plan of Salvation. If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw me post some pictures because it SNOWED!!! Like real snow that stuck! It was like 3 days after New Years and like 8 since Christmas but I still got snow during the holidays!!!! WOOOHOO!!! Needless to say I took a bunch of pictures hahaha. And we built a snowman because we were Red-Dotted ( stay at home no driving allowed). I also did a lot of crafting that night haha. 
Sunday- GREAT DAY! First Sunday of the year and it was wonderful! Church was wonderful, I bore my testimony for probably the last time as a missionary in the Madison Ward. It was a happy-sad moment. On Friday we find out who is being transferred and where. I am like 99% sure that I am leaving. But after church, we got to visit 5 less active families and have dinner with the LR's family. It was a very busy and productive day!
Ahhh 2015 is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER. Are you excited? 
We are working our tails off over here! The Work is hastening! God is Great!
I love you all and I hope that you have a great week! I heard the AZ is cold right now... It was a good 15 degrees colder than Connecticut on New Years #whatthewhat
Be good!
Sister Alexander



Picture 1- The Church parking lot... So much fun! I totally ran through it haha!
Picture 2- Our Snowman. 
Picture 3- C is such a punk ahahaha "You wont get a normal picture out of me, Ha-Ha too bad!"

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