Monday, March 30, 2015

It is Definitely NOT 97 Degrees Here...

It is snowing here and it snowed all day on Saturday...New England hates me ahaha
 BUT in other news this week was great!
Did you guys get a chance to watch the Women's Conference on Saturday? Wasn't it like... the BEST? Here is the link to the Highlights if you missed it! 
Also, on Saturday #becausehelives came out too! #bestvideoever! Watch it! I Dare Ya!
#BecauseHeLives I can find... "Peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come."
Miracle of the week:
So we were driving to an appointment that we were early to and we drove down a street that we recognized as a street of a former investigator that we dropped because she was smoking at least 2 packs of cigarettes a day and she would tell us that she only smoked one a day... like one cigarette not one pack... we clarified ahaha. Anyway when we were coming up on the street I thought, "Okay if she is on her porch we will stop," and Viola! She was sitting right there. We laughed and got out of the car and she waved and we set up a time to see her this week. Her home didn't smell like cigarettes but the porch was covered in them. Anyway, that wasn't the miracle. The miracle was when we were walking back to our car and I waved at a girl that was walking. She stopped and was all, "Wait are you the Bible people?" and we just looked at her and laughed and said "YUP" and she got super excited and we got her name and gave her a card and she wants to meet with us. The only problem... We can't remember her name for the life of us! Ahahaha If she doesn't call us we are going to be knocking a lot of doors until we find her! 
Aha Moment: 
So I was listening to Sister Stephen's talk on Saturday night and she said "We each belong to and are needed in the family of God. Earthly families all look different. And while we do the best we can to create strong traditional families, membership in the family of God is not contingent upon any kind of status—marital status, parental status, financial status, social status, or even the kind of status we post on social media." How wonderful of a though is that. We belong and are needed no matter what because we are God's children. We are a part of His family. 
Ahahaha moment:
We went to the Relief Society President's home for dinner on Thursday and her husband, who isn't a member... is HILARIOUS. He is like... I don't even know. He reminds me of the mountain goat on Hoodwinked... He told us this joke... "What is a Pirates Favorite letter?" we were all uhmmm "Rrrr" and he just goes "Arrr no it be the C" I died. 
M bore her testimony in sacrament meeting on Sunday. It was awesome. She is from Liberia so no one could really understand her but the spirit was super strong! She took my hand and made me stand up there with her... ahahaha C said that I looked super uncomfortable. I just didn't know what to do ahaha

ARE YOU READY FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!?!?!?! I am really really excited. If you have time, you should:
 1) write down some questions that you have about life, about God's plan for you individually, about religion and Pray asking god to answer those questions. 
2)Watch General Conference, where church members and others gather worldwide in a series of two-hour sessions to receive inspiration and instruction from Church leaders.  I promise that your questions will be answered. 

Have a WICKED AWESOME week! 
You are all loved! 
Be good!
Sister Alexander

Picture 1: SNOW... more like NO. 
Picture 2: We have a tendency to match ahahaha

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