Monday, April 20, 2015

You Only Patriot's Day Once

Well hello there!
How are you all doing? I can say that I am doing awesome!
Today we are celebrating Patriots Day, and I can say that I legitly had no idea that Patriots Day even existed. Apparently, regions can create their own holidays? So New England celebrates Patriots Day, a day of historical war reenactments and also the day that the Boston Marathon takes place! We unfortunately had 0 miles to use and 0 will-power to wake up at 2:30 AM to go to one of the reenactments in Lexington. Oh and it is pouring rain outside, so yeahhhh... noooo..... so we are still in Worcester and we are going shopping with a member hahaha. #YOMO #YouOnlyMissionOnce But we ARE wearing Red White and Blue to celebrate. 
So yeah that is a thing. 
This week was interesting... if interesting can be defined as "a week of a full schedule, in which EVERYONE cancels except for dinner appointments at 6:30 at night" Yeah, it was a major bummer. BUT we still had MIRACLES!
Miracle of the Week:
So we were driving after the like 7th cancellation on Thursday and we remembered a referral from one of the members in 1st ward.  So we drove over and we met J and her 6 year old son J and we were able to talk about the healing aspects of the gospel and why we leave our homes for 18 months to teach people who Jesus Christ is to us. And we are meeting with her again tomorrow! Wooohoooo! #1stwardmiracles
Aha Moment(s):
On Thursday, which also just so happened to be my "Hump Day" Meaning my 9 month mark on the mission out of 18, I realized that from that moment forward I would have less time left on my mission than I had been out... #WeirdThoughtNumberOne
Another Aha moment was actually in District meeting. We were talking about using the Book of Mormon and one of the Elders mentioned that if you were to be doing a report on a country you wouldn't grab an encyclopedia and start from the beginning and read until you got to the country you are looking for, you would look in the index for the specific topic and go to where it suggests. Just like the scriptures. We have been given so many references to use to help us find what we are looking for! It was one of those "Duh, why didn't I think of it that way" kind of things ahaha.
Ahaha Moments:
So Sister V is not only awesome because she laughs at all of my jokes but she also knows how to open Coconuts. It is amazing. They are like Giant Almonds... soooo good. anywho, she went to open one on Friday at district meeting and to open it you hit it with the blunt side of a knife... but it has to be a really strong knife or else it will break in half and the shrapnel goes careening towards an unassuming Sister Missionary. Just a warning... ahahaha yeah good times. 
Also, we were weekly planning in the car (The church was FREEZING and it was soooo nice outside) and we got distracted and started talking about my arm hair... she just goes "Maybe that is why you love cats so much" Yes... probably ahaha....
Life is great. 
Be good!
Remember God loves you! 
Sister Alexander

PS I am super lame and I forgot my camera card reader again... I do have pictures though! One of the flowers... because it is spring and there are finally flowers... it has only been what? 7 months?  and one of Sister V and I :) I will bring it next week! Hopefully ahaha. 

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