Monday, September 7, 2015

Only in New England

Hello All! It is like 8am ovah there but here I am writing you before... we go to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park! Wooohoooooo! Ask me how excited I am... SO EXCITED! 
This week was another weird one, but it ended awesome! 
Yesterday, Sunday, We had an odd day haha. The whole Second Ward went up to Sharon Vermont, to Camp Joseph(Joseph Smith's birthplace) for their Annual Labor Day ward camp-out, so we didn't have church for a bajillion hours nor did we take the sacrament twice in one day and we were missing that. So we finally are in Sacrament Meeting at like 3:00 and we both were super focused on listening to the spirit and here comes the adversary being all like, "Oh hey remember that awesome tv show?" "Ohhhh that 5SOS song!" Like STAHP! We were victorious over that but it was interesting how he knew how important taking the sacrament was to us and he tried to distract us with the most obscure things.
 We also went up to Clinton MA which is in the land of desolation of our area. 30 min out, 30 min back for a referral. She wasn't home but we saw these people outside and asked them if they knew where she was and it was her step-son... and he invited us to sit down and talk at the fire with S'mores... we had an awesome discussion with him and Sister M was able to give him a Book of Mormon! It was super cool. 
Well my friends. 
Today I got an email entitled "DEPARTURE DATES" from the mission. I remember Sister G and Sister G getting theirs and thinking, "Man, that day will never come,".... ugh. I chose January 29th. Elder G just got his flight itinerary, and he leaves November 6th. I am so not ready to come home. I am so in love with this work. God is Great, This gospel is true. 
You are all so loved!
Be good! 
Sister Alexander 

Picture 1-Me and N, the daughter of one of the Less Actives in the ward. I love this little girl! 
Picture 2- RED SOX! Elder H has a Red Sox tie hahaha. We are so awkward.

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