Monday, September 14, 2015

Miracle Play-by-Play

This week was the BEST. But really though. Here is what I call "a Day-by-Day Miracle Play-By-Play"
 Red Sox game+ 95 degrees+missionaries= Super happy and Sunburned Seester A. I probably should have worn some sun screen...but I did remember to put it on my ears... So I am not Sister Alexander the red eared missionary... Waahooo for dat ahaha. I do however have a wicked watch tan line...#LetsGooooooo and an insane farmers tan but my burn only lasted for like... 2 it is just an awkward tan ahaha. The same day I discovered that I had been eaten alive by mosquitoes. Eaten alive. So here I was sunburn on my arms and mosquito bites up and down my legs... I looked like a camper who fell asleep on their kayak and woke up in a swamp. But it is preparing me for Liberia ahaha. I took it as Gods way of saying, "let's see if you can not complain for 24 hours.... I failed" ahaha. 
We had our first ever Worcester Mission Prep class, it was so great! We focused on the 3 areas that are concerns for kids serving missions, and how to prepare for them. Physical Preparation, Spiritual Preparation, Emotional Preparation. Totally made pancakes for them as a part of physical prep. #FoodIsFood
C finished Mosiah! That means he has read more than 200 pages of the Book of Mormon. He is so great. It is so cool that we get to talk to people from all around the world and share the good news. I would have never even met him! We talked to him about Tithing and about prophets and he loved it. 
 We went and had Pho with the B's. I love Pho! It is Vietnamese soup. So wicked good. We also weekly planned with the Elders. Came up with "Double chin goes" instead of "Nose Goes" So funny. 
 We got our not so mini, Mini Missionary! She is so cool! Sister S is from Bridgeport, and she served in Estonia for 6 months but then she got all these food allergies and had to come home, but now she has them under control and is with us for her trial run! That is a crazy run on sentence but that is okay! ahaha!
W got baptized!!!!! Like wooohoooooooo!!! It was so amazing. His testimony was the best! "My testimony is that... I am so happy. The Book of Mormon is true, and I am going to share it with everyone I know." 
M's daughter E came to church with 3 of her kids! It was so great! Also for laughs... it was the Law of Chastity week for both of the Worcester wards... Let's just say that I have never EVER felt so awkward in a class before. Even the women not teaching were uncomfortable ahahaha. So great. 
Well y'all. This week was so jam packed I think that this is all my little hands can bare to type ahaha. Have a great week! 
You are all so loved! 
Be good! 
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Awkward tan? What awkward tan?
Picture 2- M, Sister S, Sister M, me, W and President Miller :) 
Picture 3- Sister S, Sister M and I matched unintentionally yesterday. Along with like half of the women in the wards ahaha. 
Picture 4- Fenway Park! Woohooo! 
PS I am 95% sure that I am getting transferred out of Worcester next week :/ So if you want to send a letter send it to the mission office! 
182 W Central St #203
Natick MA 01760
Yeah, at W's Baptism President basically told everyone there that I was leaving... ahaha cool beans. 

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  1. Looking for the weekly posts, where are they my good friend of Sister Alexander?
    I plumb forgot to tell her tonight after dinner that our God-Grandson Hunter has cat allergies (*big frown*)
    and I've learned through this wonderful blog that someone else (like me!) LOVES CATS! <3 <3 <3
    Any-WHO (hehe) Love and miss you Sis A! Keep that Bailey Smile Shining the last Leg of your Mission!
    We love you bunches & batches,
    Bro & Sis Bach
    Worc2, MBM