Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas in the MBM

YOU GUYS! It is almost Christmas!
The internet over here at the church is being crazy so this may or may not be short. 
This week was super! We worked really hard to see people, and most of them didn't answer the door, but that is okay. Just a day in the life haha. Hey, if missionaries come to your door... let them in, let them do their job and uplift you spiritually, okay? Okay. Sweet :)
Some miracles happened:
This week the internet worked long enough for us to Skype C in Brazil. He is awesome. He always reads the Book of Mormon and he loves it so much. 
We also made a dent in our "Unknown less-actives" list.  Woohooo! I love making lists smaller! 
We also got a mini missionary from Providence this weekend! She is Liberian and super sweet. Her name is Z.
Some funny things were said:
Sister H- "So... are we cannibals because we are like 75% water and we drink water... gross!"
Elder O- "We had a tally going for using slang and whoever used the most slang words had to do the dishes... but Elder H kept on having to do the dishes so we stopped that." 
Well, I am going to let Sister H write her family now. I hope that you have a Very Merry Christmas and that you take some time to think about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and what He means to you. 
I hope that you all feel how much you are loved, and that you feel love the Heavenly Father has for you. That he would send His First born so that you can return to live with Him. 
What a wonderful season to celebrate. 
God is Great! 
A Savior is Born.
Sister Alexander

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