Monday, December 28, 2015

And a Happy New Year!

I feel like it was just P-day because I just saw you (well a couple of you) but I must email you to wish you all a Happy New Year and say that I hope that you had the merriest of Christmases! Mine was really great. We were able to visit a lot of people and spread some Christmas cheer playing reindeer games and such.  It was super great to see the fam. Kind of weird, because I will be seeing you all soon anyway but it was awesome to see Brodie...errr Elder Alexander haha. He like, knows missionary lingo now... like transfers... and member helps, you know, the good stuff. 
This week was full of Christmas Chaos and Cheer though. We had a conference up in Belmont MA by the temple. 4 hours of driving but it was so great. The spirit was super strong and being surrounded by missionaries is always an awesome adventure. We were asked to give a training on using time wisely and planning effectively so our days will be spent productively.The Lord tends to ask those who struggle with something most to train, or give talks on the topics and whatnot. Yeah, we were all like "uhm.. are you sure?" But it seemed to go over pretty well. We planned it with the Groton Elders over skype which was funny... #SaveAllTheMiles. There was a testimony meeting at the very end and a lot of powerful insights were shared. The problem is that I left my notebook with all of my insights at home... #MemoryLoss #What
Miracle of the Week:
So on Tuesday we were planning and Sister H is just like,"You know what, today we are going to find a new investigator." So I said, "Okay," and I was just thinking... "We should find 3, that would be cool." So, we go throughout our day looking and talking to people and it starts getting dark and we had some time so we went looking for a media referral. A man named J, who is Haitian and his family let us in, told us that he used to meet with missionaries in Haiti and he wants to learn more... there are 5 people in his family. He and his wife were listening along with one of his sons, and we are hoping to pick up his other two kids on Wednesday when we meet with them again! Miracles! 
I hope that you are all planning on making some good goals this upcoming year! #LetsGooo2016 I am! 
Goal number 3) Get rid of constant double chin.
Goal number 7) Read the Book of Mormon 4 times.
Goals help you change, and we are here on earth to change. 
Keep changing!
You are all so loved!
Have a Happy New Year!
Sister Alexander

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