Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Massachusetts Boston Mission- AKA- The Inspiration, Consecration, Edification Nation

Hello family and friends!
Guess what... it is Tuesday! What???
Yesterday was not our P-Day because Elder Packer, President Boyd K. Packer's son, came to tour our mission. He is in the Quorum of the Seventy. It was pretty awesome. We had a Zone Conference yesterday that was from 8:00am-5:00pm. My brain was going to explode. 
Ahahahaha Moments-
So... I got a haircut... Nothing dramatic... just like.... 6 or 7 inches... ahahaha. When I walked into ward council on Sunday, The 1st counselor, Brother S just goes, "Holy Haircut," ahahahaha I love it though. Fun fact: As Sister Missionaries, it is really important to not let our hair cover our name tag, so since I have been out here, my hair has always been parted on the left side so most of the hair falls on my right shoulder. BUT, now that it is above my shoulders... I can part it on whichever side I want.... I don't really know how to handle that one. Haha little things entertain me. 
And now another funny conversation with the Elders:
After discussing an investigator with a boyfriend who is kind of a punk and who lives with her.
E.T: "I don't get it, if he wont marry her, why doesn't she just break up with him?" 
S. H: "Elder, have you ever been in love?"
*Good 30 seconds of silence*
E. L: "That's a loooong silence."
Ahahaha these Elders are so great!
Miracles of the week:
You guys, so many amazing things happened this week. 
I think I am going to have to do a miracle a day thing
Monday- We skyped with C at the Bishops home. Bishop S is so amazing. His family looks like the Weasley's. I love them so much. We talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy and committed him to pray for a way to get to church. He is super busy and the only day that he can see his family is on Sunday. Please keep him in your prayers!
Tuesday- Stop by's are super tedious for a missionary especially when no one is home... but on Tuesday we stopped by a former investigator named A, and she was home and she set up a time for us to come again and continue to teach her. She is from Haiti and has the cutest kids ever.
Wednesday- After dinner with the S's, we called a less-active/recent convert and she didn't answer... so we just stopped by... and she was home and in wayyy better spirits that the last time we had seen her. YAY! Sometimes... you just have to stop by... because maybe they aren't ignoring you, they are just stuck on the phone with their sisters that talk a lot... :)
 Thursday- L had her baptismal interview and it went great!!! 
Friday- We had an awesome district meeting and we also received the "A Savior is Born" pass-along cards. #Woohooo!
Saturday- Wait for it.. Wait for it... L got baptized! Woohooo! It was such a great day! Also, J came to the baptism and then later that night asked us to teach him the lessons so that he could be baptized! We were freaking out! 
Sunday- L was confirmed and we had Mission Leadership Council with a General Authority... No big deal. It was a super inspiring council. we wrote all the things our mission is good at and then wrote the things that we felt needed to be worked on and then as zones we rated them. Almost every zone agreed on what needed to be done and the spirit was super strong. Oh, and we got home at 10:30... not too late like we thought it would be. 
Aha moment-
So with Zone Conference I learned a bunch of things, but I will talk about those next week. This week, some cool things went down during my studies. 
So, Wednesday night I had a horrible nightmare after hearing about the craziness in California. It was basically the end of the world, and it left me feeling really hopeless when I woke up. I just felt like there was no point in having dreams and aspirations because the world was just going to end anyway (I don't know why I couldn't think about like the 2nd coming or the millennium but it just wasn't in my mind)  It was awful. So, I prayed. I prayed because I knew that if anyone could help me feel better, it was God. And guess what happened? A scripture came into my mind. One that we share with families around here a lot. 
2 Nephi 5:27
"And it came to pass that they lived after the manner of happiness" 
Now this is referring to some brothers, Nephi and Sam and the Nephites(good guys). In the same chapter, Laman and Lemuel and the Lamanites(Bad guys) their brothers are literally trying to make them go extinct. There are wars and rumors of wars and hardships... but they were happy. I was like... Wait what? That is like exactly my issue right now... So I read through the chapter again, for the 10th time and over and over it just helped me realize, to be happy, we keep the commandments, work hard and be with our families. We are obedient because we love God not because we are scared of a punishment from him if we choose wrong. I felt God just give me a big hug and say, "It is alright Sister Alexander, look at the big picture, I am here." 
So here I am, spiritually uplifted and ready for the Christmas season!
 What about you? What are you doing to come closer to Christ this upcoming year? 
I hope that these letters home have been of use to you. I try to make them mean something.  
I know that God is there and that Christ truly did die for each and every one of us. He died so that YOU could be happy here and for eternity. 
You are all so loved. 
Have a great week
Be Good
Sister Alexander
Also, I have my homecoming talk assignment.. 2 days after I get home. January 31st, I would love to see you there! 
Picture- L's Baptism! 

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