Monday, January 11, 2016

"Women of God, Peace!" -A man waving to us as he walked out of the Library

Hey guys! 
This week was full of CHANGE! Change in rules, change in weather haha. 
This week was COLD! Like 15 degrees cold... and windy. In the words of Elder L, "It is warmer in ALASKA!" (It was like 37 in Alaska that day ahaha) 
We had my last MLC (mission leadership council), my last Zone Meeting planning, and my last Zone Meeting. Let's just say that it was emotional ahaha. 
Tuesday night at 10 I was called by the APs and asked to sing for MLC. UHM what? So in a frantic hurry I called my "Children", Sister M and Sister G and asked them to help. So then, on Wednesday, we asked two Elders, Elder K(who I was in the MTC with) and Elder S(who was in Norwich the transfer before I came) to join us and we sang, "I need the Every hour" (my go to) and Sister M played the piano. It was great, I love singing with missionaries. Especially these ones! :)
So Transfer Meeting is a meeting in which departing missionaries get to bear their testimonies before they go home, we get to say goodbye to members and investigators and stuff like that. So, I was stressing about
1) what I was even going to say
2) how to make sure everyone I wanted to see was invited. Then... the General Authorities had a training and they informed missions that transfer meetings are not policy and effective now they are canceled... so I have like zero stress ahaha.  
On Thursday we were thinking about a less active family and we made a plan to call them the next day. On Friday we got to Zone Meeting and found a missed call from them! We were able to go over and see them and help them and they came to church on Sunday! 
Aha moments-
Oh goodness. There were a lot. We have been focusing on becoming consecrated disciples of Jesus Christ. Something that President said really hit me. "It isn't so much the consecration, it is the becoming that we want to focus on." 
Ahaha moments-
I figured out that my stomach sounds like a dying moose a lot, just like in high school... When I am anxious. So, lets just say that a lot of moose were heard this week. 
Also, I found cat luggage today... like a suitcase with cats on it... woot-woot!
Have a great week!
You are all so loved! 
Sister Alexander

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