Monday, September 15, 2014

Guess Who Is Staying In Madison?!

Guess who is staying in Madison?!
This Companionship!!! Woohooo! We are so happy that we are staying together! And guess what else? I am not a baby anymore! I am a toddler! So exciting! Elder Riberio is training his cousin... Elder Riberio... So funny. Oh! and it is pronounced "he-bed-oo" but you kind of roll the d. Yeah. And Sister Barney in our district is Training Sister Markert, who is HILARIOUS.
 On Monday, we went on a hike... in nature... yeah. Needless to say I got a picture or two. 
On Tuesday we went to the Family History Canter in our ward building and we were trained to use Family Search and a bunch of other sources which was the coolest thing ever. Family History is so awesome! We also met with E, who I really need to take a picture with and we went to dinner at the Young Women president, Sister A's home. They have a cat, named Larry, who is a good 35 lbs. He just comes up to you and drops down and stays there. I was dying! I love cats haha. Then we had a lesson at a restaurant with A, and E came with us. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and how we need to be able to have access to revelation to be able to return to live with God again. 
Wednesday is Service day. We went to the soup kitchen and they asked us to organize their pantry... so we were in heaven haha. Then we visited J, who is now in Relief Society with us and E! She has been sick, but is getting better! We then went and knocked the doors of some less actives and met L who came to church on Sunday! And also J, who is the cutest little old lady. We then had dinner with the Y's who are the Pathways missionaries in our ward. They are phenomenal, and they grow a huge garden that produces tomatoes out the wazoo and guess what? He hates tomatoes hahaha! He just grows them because the ward likes them and he likes gardening! 
Thursday was weekly planning day so we did  that and then we went and did some more knocking until our appointment with L. We ate pie and started to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we all just ended up on a lot of tangents. Most were spiritual but they were still tangents haha. 
Friday was District meeting in New Haven. Then we went and saw P, who lives at the most elegant retirement home ever. It seriously looks like Pemberly. So cute. She is darling. We then went to dinner at J's house. She lives in a cottage on the shore. So cute. R, one of our potential investigators came. We had a nice time and we were able to talk to him about a lot of different things pertaining to the gospel.
Saturday, we went to the primary program practice at 8 am and served all of the kiddo's pancakes. We then went with N, one of the sisters in our ward who is from Texas and is a riot, to D's home. We had a wonderful lesson and N invited her to come to the Relief Society activity on Tuesday, I hope that she can make it! N also took us to help J move. We are really sad to be losing her, but she is a lot closer to the school that she teaches at now. We then went to the C's home and had the best spaghetti ever. He is obsessed with Family History and she isn't a member. They are wonderful. We are hoping to be able to teach her soon but she is having surgery soon so we are just going to be helping her with stuff :) She taught John Mayer in Sunday school! Totally saw a picture! 
Sunday was the primary program. It was adorable. The theme is Families Can Be Together Forever and they had a bunch of families sing together. L came and so did a bunch of the people that we saw during the week. It was an awesome day! Next week is Stake Conference, so the Stake president asked all of the Full-Time Missionaries and Perspective Missionaries to sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth". It is sounding good. Last Friday, I sang a solo in Zone Meeting. I was shaking like a chihuahua but it went well haha. I sang "Help me Teach with Inspiration". I like that song.
I love this place, I love this opportunity. When else will I ever have the chance to dedicate 100% of my time, effort and desires to the Lord? I hope that you all are doing well, and I love getting letters from you!
1st picture- The pond that we hiked near. It was really pretty and if you yelled it echoed like crazy!
2nd picture-My feelings about physically being in nature have yet to be changed haha. Sister Giblette says that this is my "Grumpy Cat" Look, I'll take it haha
3rd- Our "High School Musical" "Nature is awesome" Picture :)
Sister Alexander

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