Monday, September 29, 2014

The Sickest Week in the History of Like Ever...

Haha, I think I am so clever.
 But yeah.
 On Monday, I woke up with a sore throat and it turned into a NASTY head cold, that left me exhausted and my nose running like it is in a marathon. #HOLLA
It probably should have made me rest more but nah... 
So I left my planner back at home, so I am trying to remember what happened on Tuesday. 
OH! We visited a less active woman, and found out that us visiting her was the answer to her mother's prayers. Listen to promptings people! 
Wednesday was our planning day, which ended up with me being useless all morning so Sister Giblette made me sleep. Then we had Book of Mormon Night, which A came to along with one of the guys in the ward who is turning in his papers super soon and a less-active that Sister Giblette felt we should invite. It was great! We read the story of King Lamoni's conversion with Ammon. Ammon is a boss. Haha 'nuff said. 
These two weeks are Conference-palooza for us :) Last Saturday and Sunday were Stake Conference, then on Thursday we had Zone Conference, then Saturday was Women's Conference, then General Conference is coming up this weekend. Plus the Primary program was 2 Sunday's ago. #CONFERENCEISDA'BEST! 
Thursday's Zone Conference was up in Bloomfeild, CT which is about 2 hours north of us. I didn't really sleep at all that night because of my cold, and I had no desire to miss the conference because it was my first one and I felt that I could make it. I took an Alieve and prayed it would help and of course it did! I no longer felt like someone was jumping on my chest! Hallelujah for Modern Medicine!
The zone conference was themed on the Vision of the Mission, which is ZION. We are to be of one heart, one mind and one work. His work. I got to see Elder Lortsher and Elder Jones! We all just walked away feeling so uplifted but like we had so much that we should be doing that we haven't, YET! My favorite thing that I heard, summing up my 5 pages of notes haha, is that "You can't out give the Lord". The only thing that we can do is try our hardest and give him our will. My goal from now on is to Eat, Drink, and Breathe the Work of Salvation. And maybe some Vitamin C so I can get better... haha
Friday was our District meeting and then we had a dinner Appointment with the cutest family ever. We went on a scooter ride to the beach, and then had pizza. Then we had a lesson with A about Prophets and General Conference. 
Saturday was the Women's Meeting which was great. Like so stinking awesome. I loved the quotes: "Where much is required, much more will be given" and "In order to share your light with others, you have to glow yourself"
President Uchtdorf's talk was ON POINT. You are ALWAYS a Child of God. You are ALWAYS loved by the most perfect being with the most perfect love. What a wonderful message that we all have the opportunity to know and share?!?
Live the Gospel Joyful.
Gah, it was all so good. There is a darling little old lady in the ward who adored Uchtdorf, and Emily and I would glance over at her every now and them and see her just beaming haha. Presh.
This week was wonderful. 
This Gospel is wonderful.
You are all wonderful. 

Be good!
Sister Alexander


Picture: The Beach that we scootered to :)

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