Monday, September 22, 2014

This Weeks Highlights!

Hello All!
This week was awesome! We had so much work to do and we got a lot of other things done too! I Wont bore yall with details of everything that we did but I will do my favorite thing done each day!
Monday- Sister Giblette's Birthday! We went to a local orchard and picked apples and pears and then went to Rita's and then went to the beach. It was a great day!
Tuesday- We saw soooo many people! We also saw the craziest kitten in the world. His name is Mikey and he attacked Sister Giblette's arm and my hair. But he was cute so it was okay.
Wednesday- I was feeling super ugh. My whole body was tired but I stuck it out and it was a great day! We went to the soup kitchen and we were there helping them for a really long time! It was like 4 hours but we did so much! We peeled and cut over 200 potatoes. If you know me, you know that the eyes of potatoes are like the yuckiest things in the world to me so they were all making fun of me when I would get grossed out. But we did it! They were very appreciative of it! 
Thursday-We were able to visit L, who is the most hilarious lady in the ward. She is older and she sits out on her porch all day and is seriously a riot. We were really worried that it would be hard to get her to have a spiritual discussion but she was intrigued and it was a wonderful lesson about the Holy Ghost and His role in our everyday lives. 
Friday- We had a lesson with our newest investigator A, and we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and The gift of the Holy Ghost and guess what?
He said that he would pray about a baptismal date!!! WOOHOOO!!!! We were so pumped driving home haha. He is seeing the gospel changing him and his life and he is just loving it all. 
I also had a Lobster Roll. Oh my goodness gracious, manna from heaven. Gah! It is making my mouth water all over again!
Saturday- We had Stake Conference and E came with us pretty much all day. We visited some less actives with her, and then went to C's house for an early dinner and to go to Conference. Conference was AMAZING. Elder Snow of the Seventy was there and the Spirit was so strong. President and Sister Packard also spoke. I love them sooooooo much. I was trying to put it into words in my journal and I couldn't! They are just so stinkin' wonderful! 
Sunday-Also Stake Conference. This area is just awesome. Everyone seriously wants to help with the work! Also, one of the less actives that we had seen on Saturday came! He said that he LOVED it and wants to start coming to church more often. WOOOHOOO!
The biggest thing that I got from Conference was that somehow the Lord works through imperfect people, to bring about his perfect plan and Gospel. What a blessing. 
Monday-That is today! We went on a hike with E and took a bazillion pictures! Woohooo!!!! 
Elder Snow also stated "It is true, It is worth it"
I add my "here here!" to that!
This Gospel is sooo true. Living it is sooooo worth it. Teaching and sharing it is sooooo beyond worth it. 
Also one of the Sister's in our District said something the other day that really hit home for me. she quoted someone saying that we can't compare ourselves to others.(I thought well duh, but we still do, then she said) It is unfair to us. We compare our weaknesses to their strengths. We cant see their weaknesses to compare, so don't do it. Think about it.... RIGHT!?! It is soooo true! 
Good Stuff. 
I hope that you all had an awesome week and that you know that you are all loved! 
Be good! 
Sister Alexander

1st pic- Sister Giblette and I today on the hike! I love her so much!!!
2nd picture-E, Sister Giblette and I and our "You did what?!?" Faces :)

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