Monday, November 24, 2014

The One With a Whole Bunch of Exclamation Marks!!!!

This week was AWESOME!!!!!!! So many miracles, so much fun!!!!
Monday- We went to the New Haven building on Yale campus and played sardines. So much fun. The building is 5 stories and has so many random rooms. 
Tuesday- We had our Book of Mormon Webex (online web conference with President Packard) and we read 2 chapters about the Atonement. We also had dinner with the VDM's and guess who read with us!!!!! E! E's little brother!!! So we got to sit there and read with the whole VDM crew and then we invited E to the open house that we were having on Wednesday and guess what??? He said that he had already been invited! The LR boys invited him in band class and he wanted to come. We just about died of excitement. Like... we are super lucky he didn't hear us scream of excitement in the car when we left. 
Wednesday- We did service in the morning which consisted of attempting to peel a bunch of butternut squash... Have you ever tried to peel a butternut squash? No? good, don't try. It is impossible. We saw some at the store this morning and we both shuttered at the sight. Good old Connecticut, making butternut squash and leaves scare me... hahah. 
Then we went to the church to prepare for the open house! It was awesome!!!! Oh my goodness the youth invited everyone that they could! We had 11 non-members there and they were all super interested!!!!And guess who came!?! E!!! Haha we were so excited! It was so much fun to see the youth sharing their testimonies with their friends and their friends being open to it! Then we got home and Sister G had a package in the mail.... it was the Nashville Tribute Band CD that just came out. It is called Redeemer and oh my lanta it is AMAZING. We totally know every song by heart hahaha. 
Thursday- We had dinner with the C's. Sister C is our primary president and she is wonderful. They invited the C's and R over too and we got to have a really good conversation with all of them. 
Friday- District Meeting was hilarious because everyone was sick. #missionaryproblems I had a head cold since Wednesday and so did everyone else. Good stuff. We got to see C, who is a punk hahaha. She was all, "It wont snow here when Sister is here(She calls me sister) It will snow in Arizona! Ahahahaha!!!!" What a punk. She is like 83 and is crazy. We also got to have dinner with the G's and their daughter and her 2 year old son. He is adorable. He gave us hugs and made sure that we had pillows and blankets for bedtime. So precious. They were super excited about our #MBM70 goal which is awesome!
Saturday- We had apartment inspections and we passed... not that that was surprising but it was good haha. Then we had pie with L and we talked about being kind to people even if we have different opinions. I love the quote from Elder Oaks in this past General Conference that said, "You can disagree without being disagreeable," So true! We then went to E's house and we played Uno with MK LR and E. I totally won!  MK invited E to church and E told E to wake him up so that he could come!
Sunday- E was "too tired," so was I, but that is okay ahaha. We had an awesome Sacrament meeting about gratitude and we had 3 non-members come to church! Two of them came because of the open house! So cool!!!! 
So with our #MBM70 goal, the highest amount of baptisms in one month that our mission has ever gotten is 59. Yesterday we had our 63rd baptism for the month of November!!!! 63!!! And the month isn't over! It is crazy how even though our area hasn't had any baptisms for this month, we have still seen so many miracles happen in Madison! 
I am so grateful to be out here, serving the Lord in Madison Connecticut. Thank you for all of your support and love and prayers! 
Pray for A! He is trying to find a way to tell his mom his plans! 
God is good! Be good! 
Sister Alexander
This is the drawing that we received last Sunday, so stinkin' funny

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