Monday, December 8, 2014

The Tres Amigas...Wait...What?

This week was full of... well a lot of surprises! So, Lets start form the beginning! 
Monday- P-Day. We went to Woodbridge (the Stake center) and we played this game of soccer... yeah, thats right. I played sports for fun... haha we each had a chair that we guarded and if your chair was touched by the soccer ball you had to sit down and try to catch the ball with your hands to get back in the game. I pretty much yelled and shrieked the whole time but it was fun :) 
Tuesday- Well, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday went a lot different than we had planned... 
Tuesday morning before the Book of Mormon webex we get a text from who we thought was our new STL who is now serving in Bridgeport saying, "Hey Sisters! What is our address?" Needless to say we were a bit confused and I of course went into a panic ahaha. We got to the church and we looked at the mission adjustments document online that shows who is being transferred and who they are going to be with and all that jazz and we scroll down to Madison and Lo and Behold we see...
S. Alexander   S. M. W   S. Grant
WHAT???  We totally called the AP's very confused not only because we had no idea that we were going to be in a trio, but both of the Sister W's in the mission have their first name that starts with the letter M!!!! Who was it!!! Oh that and we didn't have like any room in the apartment for a 3rd person... so that is what we spent Tuesday doing... figuring out where to put beds, when we get one for her, without covering the heaters and catching anything or anyone on fire... Wahhooo haha. 
Wednesday- We drove up to Weston to pick up our new companion Sister W, and guess who I got to see??? Sister G!!!! My "Mom"!!! It was so awesome to see her, and to hear her departing testimony! Gah! I love that girl. Oh and it was pouring again... haha poor Sister G had to drive in the rain for another 4 hours. 
Thursday- We found out that Sister W is a Digital Missionary, and GUESS WHAT?!? We now are too!!! We are on Pinterest and on Facebook everyday spreading the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That's right. I have totally stalked you all on facebook aha. No, but seriously if you have any friends that you think could use a boost you can ask me for a video or quote and I will more than likely have one on hand hahaha. I cant message friends from back home but I can send and post links and good stuff like that :) 
Friday- Our first District Meeting and every single companionship had changed! It was crazy! It was great though. I was asked to give the training on making sure that you always have Christ centered lessons. Christ is why we are out here! Of course we should bring everything back to him!
Saturday- Everyone cancelled on us and it was raining like crazy so we went and saw our friend P, who is like 87? and she is precious. She lives in the Old Folks Pemberly. It is ridiculous. 
Sunday- We had a Fantastic Sunday! A wasn't there, total bummer but M was! We also had a lesson with him and he is pretty much golden! He is really interested in the Gospel and he is already reading the Book of Mormon and he downloaded the Gospel Library app onto his iPod after 20 minutes of looking for it without knowing what it was called! Oh and guess what... it was 27 degrees outside yesterday. That is stinkin' cold. 
'Twas a wonderful week. We are super excited to have a trio, and to be a part of the digital mission! 
Love you all!
Watch this video!
It's good!!!! Okay... It's the BEST!!! Hahaha 
Be good!
Sister Alexander

Sister G would not cooperate ahahaha 

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