Monday, February 16, 2015

Many Are Cold But Few Are Frozen

"Hello, From Storm Headquarters"
Can't even count how many times within the past 3 weeks we have heard that or read that hahaha. President Packard and Sister Packard are awesome. Church was cancelled yesterday. That was weird. We were stuck inside the whole day because we got about another foot of snow but that wasn't the problem at all, the problem was the temperatures. Sister Packard called it being "Purple-Dotted" because that is one of the many colors that you will turn being outside in the freezing cold sub arctic temperatures. Okay maybe the sub arctic is a little bit colder but when with the wind chill it is -30 you feel like it is pretty close. 
Miracle of the Week:
We got really lost on Thursday, like we knew where we were but we had no idea what the address of the place that we were supposed to be going was. So I said a little prayer and I remembered that I had written down the phone number of the place in my planner, so we looked and called and they told us and Yay! We got to visit a little old lady(she is 95 and maybe 4'9") in a medical center and she loved it. It was great. 
Aha Moment: 
So the Elders are teaching this guy named T. And T is hilarious. He is in his 50s and really doesn't think that he is good enough to repent. So this week the Elders taught T about the Plan of Salvation. The Plan of Salvation is God's Plan for the Happiness and Salvation of his Children (Which is us!) The Plan of Salvation includes coming here to earth to receive a body and having the opportunity to make choices that can bring us closer to our Heavenly Father. However, we don't always do that. We all make mistakes and our Heavenly Father knew that we would so, He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to come and to atone for our sins and our mistakes, that way if we choose to we can repent or turn away from our sins and choose better and apologize and our Heavenly Father will "remember them no more". Now back to T. As they taught him about this and about the Three Degrees of Glory, T compared the degrees to Cable packages. 
Celestial Kingdom-->Platinum Package
Terrestrial Kingdom-->Premium Package
Telestial Kingdom--> Standard Package
He talked about how we all want the Platinum but he is 99% sure he is barely affording the standard. 
So, my aha moment. This morning I was pondering on this analogy, and I realized. We all have the Platinum Package. Christ already paid for all of our sins and mistakes but it is up to us to turn on the TV and change the channels and use the channels that he has given us. We have to make that choice to accept it. We have to install the satellite and do the things necessary to keep it up and running.
The choice is ours. It always has been and it always will be.  
 Ahahaha moment:
Yesterday, when President and Sister Packard had a Conference call to update us on the weather (Worcester is still #1 for snowiest and coldest) they were talking about frostbite and how a couple of the missions surrounding ours have had missionaries who have had it and President just closes saying "You know, we will be alright. Many are cold but few are frozen!" ahahaha missionary humor.
On Friday we finally took pictures as a District! It was 6 degrees and Sister C wanted us to take our jackets off. We were freezing...literally ahahaha. Good Times. 
Well, I love you all and I appreciate all of the prayers on our behalf. 
Be good! 
Sister Alexander


Picture 1- The District 
Elder P, Elder B, Sister L, Sister R, Elder T, Me, Elder M. Sister C was taking the picture
Picture 2: Worcester English and Sister C. Just you know...being us ahaha.

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