Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mom. I Am Sick of Snow.

After the past 2 weeks of snow and snow and more snow we have had 7 1/2 feet. And guess what??? Worcester is, "The snowiest City in the US," right now... Right on. Yesterday we were red-dotted and I did a lot of crafting and cleaning... so that was fun.
I have decided to change up my emails a little bit... I may change back in the future but for now I haven't been writing in my journal because my emails are my journal and I think that I should start writing in that soooo yeah. I have decided to do it like this:
Miracle of the week: 
On Monday(2.2.15) we were snowed in... again. It was awful, well it was just really boring. But, we got picked up for dinner by two wonderful members in our ward and they took us to a Japanese restaurant and then they took us to the grocery store, seeing as we were not able to go shopping on Sunday to prepare for Monday or go that morning. But, when we went to check out, the couple called the manager over and told her that we weren't allowed to swipe our cards or pay for our groceries. They were going to do it for us. Lets just say that I was in shock. People are so kind.
Aha moment:
Since Valentine's Day is coming up, our Zone meeting was "Love" themed... For missionaries it was a little awkward at first ahaha. But then one of the Zone Leaders, Elder T, talked about Alma 38:12 "Use boldness, but not overbearance;" and how as missionaries we should be bold, which is to have no fear and how in  Moroni 8:16 it says, "Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear." I learned that as we learn to truly love God and His gospel, we can share with a boldness and we don't fear being rejected or yelled at, because we know it is true and we know that anyone who asks God, sincerely, to know if what we have to say is true, they will know that it is and will feel of that love too. 
Ahahaha Moment: 
Went to the 1st ward's Valentines Day Soiree on Friday... Super awkward to be missionaries at a church function listening to gentile music. Also... 
The Spanish group was turned into a branch on Sunday!!! Worcester 3rd branch! So awesome! 
I love you all! The work is hastening! 
Be good! 
Sister Alexander


Picture 1: There is a courtyard in the middle of the Worcester chapel. This has been growing bigger and bigger every day. #winter #doyouwanttobuildasnowman It is like stabbing into the snow!!!!
Picture 2: This has been something that I have wanted for a very long time... I jumped a 2 1/2 foot snowbank and almost face planted but it was soooooo worth it!!!!!
Behold! The Ginormous Icicle!!!!!!!!

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