Monday, February 23, 2015

Adios Elderes

Well hello there!
This week was insane! Like 50 million things happened this week #cray
Miracle(s) of the Week:
We had like 4 so I will write about all of them! 
First-Interviews with President
I LOVE LOVE LOVE President Packard and I love our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders so when Interviews come around and we are taught by all of them I get really, really excited! I am super pumped! We had so many awesome things taught to us about using the ward council and I realized that everything we do in our mission is creating a shift. It isn't the missionaries people that the ward council can help us with it is the ward's people that we just so happen to have the authority to teach. We will leave and when we do those people that we were teaching can be in good hands that know them, we just have to let them be in charge. It is a cool shift to watch happen. 
Second- N
On Tuesday we got a text from the AP's that said, "Hey Sisters! How would you like to be moms again?" And on Friday we picked up N, our 2nd Mini Missionary! Oh my goodness, she is the coolest person ever. It was super hard to let her leave on Sunday hahaha.
So a little bit about her...
 N is from Littleton Mass. and she was baptized back in November. She was first taught by none other than Elder B! Needless to say she was excited to come here! She was a super big help and we are basically best friends now ahaha. It was really cool to have her with us for the next miracle too!
Third- M and Z's Baptisms!!!
On Saturday at 11 AM we had 2 more baptisms! We were going to have it at 5:00 but there was a storm coming in (surprise surprise) so with a lot of help we moved it to 11 and it was so wonderful! Both Z and M were so happy and the spirit was sooooo strong! 
Fourth- Weather
So it has been really, really, really cold (like anywhere between  6 and 20 degrees)  and yesterday it was a whopping 40! There were kids playing in the snow in shorts! It was such a beautiful day!
Aha moment:
 See Interviews ahahaha. I have so much more but I left my notebook at home :(((
Ahahahaha Moment:
I totally got a cat mug for 50 cents at ReStore. It's the best!!
On a much different note, transfer week is this week and I am staying and so is Sister L! 
However Hermana R is reopening Revere for Sisters and BOTH of the Eldins(the name for our Elders in our phone so we don't have to search through the million contacts that have the word "Elder" in them) are being taken out.... like it is just going to be Sister L and I in Worcester 1 and 2. We are super sad. Except they called us at 4 AM this morning so we wont miss that hahaha. They are awesome and they are going to be bosses in their next areas. Fun stuff. We feel like this past transfer was just us warming up so that these next few alone we can just book it. So exciting! 
Oh and Hermana C is training a Sister from Mexico, so I really am going to have to learn Spanish because I will be he only non-native Spanish speaker in the house! Woot! 
Whelp, I love you all and I hope that you are all doing awesome! 
Be good!
Sister Alexander


1- N! Love her to death!
2-Me with Z and M!
3- #stpattysday #elderbranoutofideas 
4- #smolder

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