Monday, May 18, 2015

Got Goals?

Guess who is staying in Worcester for a loooonnnnggg time?
This GIRL... errr Sister aha. 
Transfer-Texts came out and literally one person in our ENTIRE Zone is leaving and we are getting like 6 extras because they are opening 2 areas... so our District is EXACTLY the same and we are so excited #ZION #doublezion Oh and just some fun info... Sister T is now in the zone. THIS IS THE ZION ZONE. Now to just figure out how to convince the new Mission President that we need to be companions... anyway... yeah. I am still in Worcester this transfer and then Sister V goes home, so unless someone needs an emergency transfer or they are shotgunning someone in next transfer I will be here for 7.5 months or more!!! Craziness! 
This week was just full of awesomeness! 
Miracle of the week:
M got Baptized!!! BEST DAY EVER! Saturday seriously was just flat out awesome. She was so ready and happy and excited and we were so excited for her! The spirit was super strong and some of our other investigators were there and they were all, "Woah, what was cool," to the Elders.
Aha moment: 
Ohhhkay. Do you guys know how many goals I have set and then just like... totally forgot what they were and like failed epically? Like... all of them. All the goals. And this week Hermana F trained us about goals and her 3 main points were:
 1- Include God. He will help you if they are good and you tell him what they are.
2-Make them visible. Whether you write it on a sticky note and tack it to the wall or on your companion's forehead make it so you cant forget what it is... even if you want to and tell a few choice people about them so they can follow up with you. and
3- You have to want it... bad... like you want air... or chocolate. If you don't want it why would you be motivated to do it?
So yeah.
Mine is to be more positive, to continue to work on opening my mouth and to continue to clean up my language... which I have been doing better on but still have a lot of room for improvement. What are your goals? What are your spiritual goals? Maybe we can follow up with each other about them? Yesh? Yesh. 
Ahaha moment:
At District Meeting I was in charge of the Zion Building which is basically the "get to know you question" and it was if we all worked at Disneyland who would we be? I got Rapunzel, Belle, and the Mouse on Cinderella that has the scissors. The question turned into how many movie quotes do we still remember... It was hilarious. Our favorite was Elder P not knowing half of the quotes or movie references and then as soon as we mention the sharks on Nemo he just lights up and is all, "He never even knew his father," in the exact voice. It was so funny... I guess you had to be there... 
Anywho! We are going on a Zion Zone Hike. #WINGS The trail is called Purgatory... awkward ahaha.
You are all loved!
Be good!
Sister Alexander
Picture- M's Baptism!

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