Monday, May 4, 2015

MAY the 4th Be With You!

First off can we just freak out about the fact that it is already May? Like where did the year go?
I think that spring is actually here... either that or we just skipped over nice 65 degree weather and went straight to 80 and humid... not bitter at all. Hahaha This week was insane. Like SO MUCH HAPPENED. 
Here we gooooooo!!! ( Say like Peter Pan in all of those blu-Ray commercials that are on every disney movie ever ahaha)
Miracle of the week: 
R GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! After a 7 year adventure, R was able to enter the waters of baptism! It was such an awesome day! We got in the car at 7:45 AM to race to the church to make sure the font was being filled and this song came on
Talk about truth! It was such an amazing day! R was so happy and his wife was too and she isn't even a member. 
We dont have pictures yet, but soon! 
Other awesome things that happened. 
-M and Z came to a lesson with J and they both testified and the spirit was sooooo strong there. Like, so strong. M is so excited for her baptism on Sunday! 
-Interviews at President Packard's on Tuesday. SO GREAT
-One of our favorite families came back into town with their RM son and they want to go out teaching with us ASAP. So excite.
Ahahaha Moment: 
So picture this:
We are at a member's home for dinner and she pulls out her phone to show us a picture of her favorite past missionary memories and she just goes "Oh! She is getting married!" and shows us a picture of an MBM RM and her fiancee... J P... I was all, "Wait I know him and I know of her!" #craziness

Aha moment:
So Interviews with President are always insightful. Like blow your mind and make your head hurt insightful. This time was no different except that it was the last interview that I will have with him before he goes home #saddestdayever. But, I did get to spend some time talking to him about my plans, for my mission, for life, for eternity. The gist of what he told me.
"You can choose so choose wisely."
Yes Sir.
Be good my friends.
Have a wonderful week! 
You are all so loved! 
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Hermana M, Hermana F, Me, and Sister V
Picture 2- I may or may not have climbed a tree today ahaha.
Picture 3- Sister F, Sister L, Me and Sister A

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