Monday, May 11, 2015

Uhh Excuse Me Spring...We Aren't Done With You...

I feel like I told you all everything yesterday... haha. Yesterday was an awesome day. This week was an awesome week. Busy Busy Busy. I can't quite mark anything that made it so awesome. It is super warm here... like warmer than Phoenix... not cool(Haha get it? Because it is hot ahahaha) Lame I know. 
So I thought that I would just share some pictures today... because I really have no desire to think ahaha. #OhTheLaziness
OH!!!! I totally forgot! 
M is getting Baptized on Saturday and she is SUPER excited! 
And we were at church and P his wife P and their 4 year old P came. P has been really sick these past couple of days and yesterday was no different so we asked if he would like a blessing. They said that they would love it and Brother F, our Ward Mission Leader gave him one with Brother L a guy that just moved here from Armenia with his wife. By the end of the 3rd hour of church, P was awake and jumping around and his fever was going down a lot. Blessings work. The power of God is on the Earth.
Well, You are loved, and I hope that you all have a wonderful week!
Be good!
Sister Alexander

1st- President Packard, R Me and Sister V at R's Baptism! 
2nd- Spring was here for like a day but now it is summer ahaha. I find myself complaining about having to wear clothing a lot... and quoting the Grinch..."Hate, hate, hate. hate, hate, hate. Double hate. Loathe Entirely." or "Warm Weather, I Hate you"
3rd- We went to the Polar Factory on Monday (5/4/15) Polar is a HUGE soda distributor in New England and one of the Spanish Branch members works there and gave us a tour!
Hermana M, Sister V, Me, the POLAR bear, Hermana F, Elder P, Elder T, Hermano A

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