Monday, May 25, 2015

The Most Scatter Brained Email You Ever Did Read

Hello people of various places... because everyone is like in a different place.
 Hence the usement of the word various.
 That last sentence was penned by Sister T... because we are in the same zone... and are currently in the same building. No, I am not super excited, just kidding I am like ecstatic. 
This week was GRRRRREAT!!! <-Say like Tony the Tiger
Monday- We went on a hike as in I actually hiked. And then we played Ultimate Frisbee and had a blast!
Miracle of the Week: 
P and P Set a Date!!! Like a date to be baptized! They want to be baptized on June 7th and we are so super excited! 
Aha Moment: 
1st off, Family History is so stinking cool. The spirit of Elijah is so real. J was baptized for her Grandmother in the temple today. It was amazing! She is all over the work! 
2nd She also finished the Book of Mormon, wait no. "I didn't finish it. I just got to the end. I will never be finished with it." That my friends is awesome. 
Ahahaha Moment: 
So on Tuesday... I found out something interesting. So I had this dream right. We were rounding up sheep in our living room and they were escaping from the room and so I decided to grab the dining chairs and block the doorway but there was one chair that had a bunch of stuff on it so I made the decision that it wasn't worth the effort and then I turned to the doorway and all of the sheep were escaping and that is all I remember. So we wake up to go to the gym and I walk though the doorway to our hallway to the study room and I am all, "Who moved these chairs over here?" and then it hit me... Holy Canoli, I sleep walk you guys.... what am I even supposed to do with that? One of the members tried to translate the dream and she asked if I had a bunch of people in my life that I was worried about leaving the Church and Bam-Pow that could be the stress... Either that or I counted sheep until I fell asleep that night... it's whatever.
Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful week! 
You are all so loved! 
Sister Alexander
Picture: Hiking... cat shirt, cat socks. life is good


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