Monday, July 13, 2015

Shovels, Singing and Soccer

Hello my favorite humans!
Guess what I did today? I got blindfolded and taken hostage to a park in Worcester to play soccer for my birthday and it was a blast. A little frightening at first but so much fun! The Elders and Hermanas are some sneaky people ahaha. 
This week has just been full of so much excitement! 
We went and saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the Wang Theater. Yeah you read that right... MoTab on the Mission. It was PHENOMENAL
Some fun points about it:
-They sang my Favorite Hymn: Come, Come Ye Saints
-Alex Boye joined them... he ripped his pants doing the splits. But he was wicked awesome. 
-J and M were there with us. I love them. 
- We got to talk to the wife of one of the guys in the Choir and she called it the Wang (Theee-ate-Errr) and it was so hard to not laugh. 
We also had Zone meeting which was so awesome too! 
-I got to sing with Elder C and Elder J. We sang Hymn 102 "Jesus, Lover of my Soul" and I should have sang alto but they wanted me to sing soprano... yeah that high note in the last two lines of the verses... Right where my voice breaks ahaha,.. that was fun. Also, that song has the word bosom in it... I can not type that word with a straight face let alone sing it ahahah. But the Elders sang that part so I didn't have to. 
-The theme was a new quote that went along with, "If you don't know how to move mountains yet, there is still more that you can learn about Faith," from President Miller. The theme was, "Those who have the faith to move mountains, come prepared with shovels." What? I Literally had never even thought about being able to move a mountain with a shovel... like duh! In my head it always gets all Star Wars-esque and we lift a mountain using our minds. Picture me moving my hand across the horizon and placing it lower. Precisely my train of thought. But how true is that? Be as prepared as possible because you never know how the Lord is going to help us achieve what we need to. 
So in Zone meeting we focused on some shovels that as missionaries we have been given to move the mountains that come in our paths. 
- Exact Obedience
-Ward Council
-Companionship, unity, love and ZION
-Following the Spirit
- How To Begin Teaching (ask a missionary what this means. :))
As a companionship we also realized that there are a lot of other shovels that we need to be building for future mountains, and some that have been given to us, passed on from generation that have been worn and repaired. The gospel in general has been a shovel for me. Helping me move the mountains that I face on a regular basis or just the random ones that decide they need to pop up here or there. 
Also you all. 
You all have been a support and help to me when I have had hard times both on the mission and at home. Thanks for being the shovel that helped me get past my mountains, whether I have known you for 1 year, or 5, or 20, know that you are loved and appreciated. 
As Hermana F says: "Faith Harder"
Be good!
Sister Alexander, 
The 20 year-old one. 
Picture 1- Birthday Lunch. Sister B in our ward loves missionaries and on our birthday treats us to lunch :) She also happens to love certain fandoms like me so she never fails to make at least one reference ahaha
Picture 2- This picture makes me laugh... 1. because I had no idea that it was being taken and 2. look at that awful posture. Hilarious. 

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