Monday, July 6, 2015

New in Town

Hello my family, friends, loved ones and random people I know nothing of... Hello.
This week was so awesome! Let me tell you why. 
I guess first I should explain my companion situation in more detail. In March I was supposed to train a new missionary and I told a bunch of people who asked me about my next companion... then the day of transfers I get a call from President Packard saying that she got her visa and I wont be training... #AwkSauce... 
So when President called me 2 Sundays ago and asked me if I would accept  the call to train I didn't tell anyone haha. So me being really weird about the whole trio thing... was because transfers were a week early. President Packard had the chance to do the exit interviews for the missionaries that had served their whole missions with him and the new missionaries had the chance to only be interviewed with President Miller. It was a bit crazy, but... This time, my greenie is not getting her visa... she is right here in Woostah with me! She is so awesome! 
Fun facts about Sister M:
1. She is from St. David, Arizona which is like an hour an a half away from the border. 
2. She loves to garden, and to care for fruit trees
3. She is the middle child, 2 above 2 below
4. She loves candy... and sweets... just like me. 
5. She doesn't really like animals...  which we forgive her for because she doesn't hate them. 
She is so awesome and excited about the work! She is my favorite. 
This week was go, go, go, go and we got to see a bunch of people. 
Miracle of the week:
A less-active sister came to church yesterday that I literally haven't seen in 6 months. She then invited us to dinner, Brazilian dinner... so, so, so good. Gah, I love Brazilian rice. 
Aha moment:
Meeting President Miller was a very awe inspiring experience. The spirit that we all felt was so strong with both him and his wife. He said something that really made me think... "If you cant move mountains yet, you still have more to learn about faith." Ain't that the truth? I still have my whole life to figure out faith and I am so glad that I chose to come out here and kick start that learning. What a blessing. 
Ahahahaha Moment:
-We are just always laughing. 
Recently the Elders have started to say, "Go on now, Scoot," in a super hick accent and we all have adopted it... except Sister M hates it. She accidentally said it the other day and she just about died. 
-Also Sister M, who kindly took the picture of Hermana F, Sister M and I, was wearing the colors of the Mexican flag on accident. She just goes "Oh look everyone is matching! Why is everyone matching?" ahahahaha.... I love her.
Well guys life is great. We are going to Target... so I will write ya'll next week.... on my birthday. No biggie hahaha. 
You are all so loved!
Be good!
Sister Alexander
Pic 1- Because everyone needs a driving selfie. Pardon the duck face... it just happened hahaha
Pic 2- Fireworks here started on Wednesday and lasted until yesterday. They go all out for the US of A so we did too. Red, White and Blue and a BBQ. Of course we had a BBQ. #4thOfJuly #BBQ4Dayz

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