Monday, July 27, 2015

I Almost Thought It Wouldn't Let Me Change the Subject...

Ollo? Haha hey Guys! How is life treating ya?
I will tell you how I am doing. That is great. I am doing great :)
This week was awesome!
From Return and Report (the new missionary follow up meeting) to G's baptism it was just awesome.

Miracles in Bunches :)-
-We found out that last Sunday S did get interviewed for the priesthood so he can come to the temple on Saturday with us! On Sunday he got it and bishop came and got us so we could be there! P was in the circle! It was the coolest thing. Brother B just goes, "It is like your pay-day today isn't it?" It was. 
-Return and Report was awesome. Got to go to the temple with Sister M. I love the temple. I got to sit by Sister M (the mission presidents wife) in the session, we both just looked at each other and I just went, "Today is a good day," and she took my hand and nodded, "a very good day". 
-G got baptized! She turned 9 on Friday and we have been teaching her because when you are past 8 you are a convert baptism. She had waited a year! Her family kept on getting sick or hurt on her baptism day! But now she is baptized and she is soooo happy :)
-Z came to church again! So did N and W! Woohoooooo!

Aha Moment-
We had a Webex on Tuesday it was awesome. I learned a lot about the things that I can work on.
 We also had a Zion Building at district meeting. Basically a get to know you question... it was so awesome. The question was "What is a spiritual experience that you are willing to share?" The spirit was so strong. It was great. 

Ahahaha moment-
- At Return and Report we were helping put tables away and the tables had tablecloths on them... so naturally I had the desire to try the trick where you pull off the table cloth without touching the stuff on top but everyone was clearing them off too fast. I would run to one and someone would be there pulling the cloth off. So there I was, looking really sad and probably really helpless because I was sad haha, and Sister M comes up and is just like, "You should do the magic trick!" and I was just like, "No, it isn't that big of a deal," and she just looks at me and says, "You need to do it," in a knowing voice like she could read my mind and heard me go, "but I really want to." So she runs up to the last table of Elders who are about to pull off the cloth and just goes, "Stop! Sister Alexander wants to try the trick!" So I did... and it almost worked. I just needed to pull down for a longer time... but hey... I succeed when I try :)
- So Sister M is slowly realizing that Money, Miles and Food are in small numbers come the end of the month. So we have been walking places. So much fun! It is weird to get emails from friends on missions who tract... because our mission really isn't about that life unless you are in a area where it works aka Boston proper... I mean don't get me wrong, we talk to everyone but we work with members, all the time. So this has been fun not being in the car and not feeling creepy for wanting to pull up and give some teenagers something. We can just go and talk to them. 

So yeah. Worcester is awesome. Sister M is Awesome. God is Great and so are you all.
Be good and know that you are so, so, so loved! 
Sister Alexander


Picture 1- Sister M and I at the Boston temple on Wednesday. And no we did not match on purpose... it isn't like we are together 24/7 and share a closet... pshhhh. ;)
Picture 2- G and I after her baptism! She is half Tai half Israeli. So cute. So wicked smart... it is crazy. 
Picture 3- Walking down a very sketchy road, what do we do? Pull out our cameras and start taking selfies of course. 
Picture 4- "Now we have to take a Sister picture." -Elder H "What does that mean?"- Me "Super artsy and adorable of course!" Ah yes. I see.

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