Monday, July 20, 2015

The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For...

You guys... Guess what happened this week.
I went on exchanges... WITH SISTER T!
Like the one that our goal for our missions were to be companions for my b-day and for our year mark... yeah. It was awesome. It was also hilarious because by the end of it we decided that we both really missed our companions. 
So I decided that because Thursday was my year mark... more weirdness and then Friday was Sister M's month mark, I would write 12 (one for each month) things I have loved or have learned while on my mission!
Here We Go!
1...Zion is a thing... and it is a thing that I love. Being one with my companion, one with the ward, one with the mission and one with God. Nothing better. 
2...Love is a thing. It is possible to love people that you have never met. It is possible to talk to people who are intimidating, people who are crazy, and the normal ones about the gospel, if you have Christ-like love. 
3... EVERYONE is a child of God. The person who cut you off on the highway, the lady in the grocery store bagging your candy and milk. Everyone. and you can feel it. It is super cool. 
4...The Gospel is real. It is true. It brings happiness, peace, and knowledge. 
5... Missionaries are awkward because you are awkward. If you act like they are people who have a wicked awesome personality and are super close to God then you will realize that they are. We are. We are hilarious. 
6... The Book of Mormon is Amazing. Like I cant even put into words how much I love that book. SO MUCH.
7... When you pray, God answers your prayers. Might not be the way you intended but it is exactly the way God intended it to be. 
8... New England is beautiful. Humidity is not. 
9...Pictures are truly worth a thousand words. Take lots of them. Send me lots of them. 
10...Music can help you feel the spirit, in ways I cant describe. 
11... Jesus Christ truly is our Savior
12... Miracles happen EVERYDAY.

Have a Wicked awesome day and week! You are all so loved! 
Be good!
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Sister M and I :) 
Picture 2- Sister T and I! 

Also thank you all for your Birthday wishes! It was awesome! Can't believe I am 20!!! 

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