Monday, August 10, 2015

A Month of Miracles Pt. 2

"My beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay." -Moroni 7:29
This week was so great! Most of the stuff I am going to tell you all about transfers and news about that. 
So... I AM STAYING IN WORCESTER! #9MonthsInWorcester #SoExcite I will finish training Sister M and then I will be shipped out... but I get to stay for 6 more weeks!
In other news. We are getting Elders... Like English ones back. Do you know how excited we are? So excited. We know about one of them Elder G, guess where he is from? ARIZONA! We have decided that AZ is taking over Woostah. He will be training so hopefully his greenie is from the good ole Grand Canyon state. :) Sister F is training too! Woohooo! 2 greenies in 1 house! Yay! 
Here is the super exciting part... are you ready? Elder G served part of his mission in Liberia, but was brought here because of the disease outbreaks. So he knows Liberian English, and we have like a billion and a half recent converts and potential investigators who are from... Liberia. OH YEAH! WOOHOO. So happy! Totally did a happy dance when we saw that he was the one that was coming! 
We had interviews on Friday with President Miller, I love that man. He is so great. 
Zone Meeting was amazing like usual. The theme was #NEC which stands for No Empty Chairs. We want everyone to return to live with Heavenly Father. He wants all of his children back at his table. Totally my new life theme. 
We also had 3 of our potential investigators come to church, when we were giving talks :) They now are investigating and are very interested :)
Well folks, 
Life is really good right now. We are working hard and are preparing to have Elders come in. It should be great! 
Be good!
You are all so loved!
Sister Alexander
OH my lanta! I almost forgot! I dont want a hairless cat anymore! They are expensive and tempermental and you have to put lotion on them... I dont even put lotion on me. BUT! I will have.... A GECKO!!! The W's have one... it is hands down my favorite things in the world. It feels like a hairless cat... but it is small, cheep and just chills in a cage or on your hand. I love geckos. 


Picture 1- A little flashback of 12 years ago :) 
Picture 2- Larry the Gecko!

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