Monday, August 3, 2015

A Month of Miracles Pt. 1

Hello all! How has your week been? I hope that it has been as inspiring and awesome as mine has!  We decided to go through the miracles we see each day on the drive home and we come home exhausted and so happy. You should try it!


Miracles of the week!
- We had a lesson scheduled with S, who was a referral for a Book of Mormon from the beginning of V's days here in good old Woostah. We told him to call us if he had any questions and he did have some questions... but they all got answered when he read the Book of Mormon... almost all the way through... yeah. But, that is only part of the miracle! We couldn't find a member to come with us, so we went to a less-actives house and cleverly begged her to come with us by mentioning that we didn't have a woman to come with us so we were going to have to reschedule over and over during the conversation. Yeah well it worked... she came with us and she loved it! She doesn't even go out to go grocery shopping if she doesn't have to. It was awesome. 
-Friday... was the grand finale to our mile-less July... and we were under! It was so great! Now we just have to stay under for August too haha. 
- Saturday. You guys. (ahahaha it is really weird to say/type that because I have gotten used to saying "hey elders" or "Hey Sisters" instead of "hey you guys!" plus... in Worcester they say "yous guys".. so yeah I don't.) Saturday was like the best day ever. We woke up, went for our usual morning run-walk-run and then we got ready and headed to the temple! It was the recent convert temple day! So we get there the same time that our bishop's wife, Sister M does with P, P, M, J and S. It was P, J's and S's first time there. So great. Their faces when they went inside. Priceless. P was able to bring her dad's name, so P was baptized in proxy for him. Then, R had his Grandparent's names and it was the anniversary of  his Grandmother's death. R was just so happy and J was tickled that he would let her do the proxy baptism in behalf of her.
-BUT Wait! There's more! So R also had his grandfather's name, and he was like the first one in the seats by the baptismal font but people kept on going before him! We couldn't figure out why and our ward was having a party that we needed to be at so we asked if he could go next. They let him and the spirit was so strong! After he went to go change we were getting ready to go, we had been helping check people in and get jumpsuits and I hear Brother H(The former President H) says, " This is Sister Alexander she will help you check in," and around the corner... comes the Madison Sisters and M!!!! Like the M that G and I found in November! The M that got baptized 3 weeks after I left Madison. In the temple, with a family name. I cried... ahaha of course. He just goes, "HI Sister Alexander," and I was just like, "M!" in the quietest loud voice I could muster haha. He just goes, "She is the one that found me," I was on a cloud the rest of the day :) And to think, if it hadn't have taken a bazillion hours for R to go through, I wouldn't have even seen him.

-Sunday! N brought her mom and brother to the BBQ/ Ward party on Sat (another Saturday miracle) They are Catholic but her mom really liked us. So, yesterday N just goes, "So I think my mom has come to terms that I am probably going to be baptized." and her mom also invited us to lunch on Tuesday! 

- Then we had dinner with the W's. He served his mission here 20 years ago and he invited one of the guys that he baptized when he was here. His family is so prepared to receive the gospel! They are awesome and we will be teaching them this week! 


Aha moment
So yesterday was August 2, 2015. Duh. 12 years ago yesterday was August 2, 2003, the day that I was baptized. It was just a cool experience to be with people that I love who just got baptized or who are preparing for it on the 12 year mark of when I made that covenant. 


Ahahaha moment
So the W's are like the chillest and greatest member missionaries ever. They also have 6 kids. 2 girls and 4 boys. One of the girls was making lemonade and the container had a holder for ice to keep it cool, but she couldn't find ice... so look at the picture to see what she used instead. We were dying. Brother W was all, "So this is the ghetto level we have achieved? Right on." 


Well Folks, Life is great. This month is going to be the best. We can feel it in our bones. We can also feel the humidity and heat to our bones... which is not so great. It is awful actually but we don't care!
You are all so loved! Be good!
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Us at the temple! R and J weren't there yet but this is the Himmie/ Elliott crew!
Picture 2- See Ahahahaha moment :)

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  1. Since you've stopped writing your *cough* RM, here's our God grand-son's blog (kept up by his elder just-married brother) to peruse upon your return <3 <3 When we last picked you up for dinner in Norwich the other day, he had not yet received his Visa and now he's in!
    Love and miss you bunches! Sis B ;)