Monday, November 16, 2015

A Whole Bunch of "Firsts"- A novel

Hello Friends! I hope that your week was just as adventurous as ours was, because boy a lot happened this week!
Miracles of the week-
Well. Mom...Dad...Grammy, don't freak out but I got in my first car accident. But, it wasn't my fault! Here is the story and then I will tell the miracles about it all looking back. Ready, okay
It was a dark and rainy Tuesday night. Well, it was like 5:30 and because of Daylight Savings ending, it was dark. And it was a slight drizzle... not real rain. So we were driving and we come to an intersection with a red light and we stop. We were the only ones in the lane, and we were just talking waiting for the light to turn green for like 40 seconds,when all of a sudden the whole car is jolted forward and shakes and we scream and I am all, "What just happened!?!" Sister H is all, "Someone just hit us!" probably thinking I was a dummy haha. I was thinking, "Second coming! Earthquake! The Hulk jumping from a plane and hitting our car!" It wasn't any of those things of course haha. I pulled into the parking lot that was on our right and without thinking I just turn off the car and run to see if the guy that hit us was alright. His car was smoking, his airbags had gone off and his car wouldn't start. He gets out and is all, "Why were you stopped at a green light?" Uhmmmm sir, it was totally red. Both of us assured him of that and then we noticed that he had a bloody nose. He was fine, so we called the cops, and a nice man named John (mysterious guy who left when the cops got there but he stayed before because "I would never leave 2 pretty girls with a man that they just got in an accident with, you just don't do that) came and helped us figure out what road we were on and helped us flag down the officer. Our rear bumper is messed up a bit on the inside but the outside only has a few scratches and bumps. We were super lucky. He was going like 30-35. We got his contact info and gave him a restoration pamphlet before we left. Miracles of this story- John was so great like an angel who came and went when needed haha. The intersection one up from us was super busy but the one we were in wasn't at all. No one was hurt. We were only 10 minutes late to our dinner appointment. We got his phone number and he told us to call him so we could teach him. All in all it was a good experience other than now when people ride my tail I just want to scream at them. So yeah. #1stCarAccident
We had a restoration lesson with C on Monday! He is a digital investigator who lives in Brazil and he LOVES the Book of Mormon. Normally that is all we can talk about with him but we were able to tell the whole of the story of Joseph Smith and testify to him of the truthfulness of not just the Book of Mormon but of the whole Gospel of Christ. For the first time my whole mission, 16 months, I was able to say the first vision without messing up or totally blanking. Ponderizing works! #1stVision? haha
We had another lesson with an investigator named L, she is the mother of one of the members and used to be super wary of the missionaries. We have been trying to teach her since I have been here and first they were moving and then she had to get half of her lung removed because she had smoking-caused lung cancer. Don't smoke guys. It is so bad. We talked about the Atonement and how it has blessed our lives and her daughter-in-law testified that it has changed her. L committed to pray to know if the things she has learned are true! Whoooohoooo! She is so ready!
Aha Moment-
In MLC- Mission Leadership Council- this week an Elder bore his testimony and told a story of a farmer, who loved his donkey. He woke up one morning, and found that the donkey was missing. He left all of his other animals in search of his donkey. He walked over all of his land calling and searching for his beloved pet and couldn't find it until he came across an old dry well. As he peered in and his eyes adjusted he saw, at the bottom, his donkey. After trying to figure out how to get it out, he ultimately decided it was a lost cause and saddened he started to fill the dried well with dirt, knowing his pet would die eventually anyway. As he threw in the first shovel full of dirt the donkey, annoyed, cried out and stomped, but the farmer continued to dig and fill. The donkey with time became quiet, and the farmer thinking it was buried, continues to fill the old dry well. Suddenly he saw some hair, pop out of the hole in the ground, then some ears, and watched his favorite donkey emerge from the hole. He watched as he shoveled, the donkey shook the dirt from his back and stomped it down and stood a little higher each time. The donkey got out of the hole. Sometimes we are feeling like we are stuck in a hole and when things couldn't get any worse, a pile of dirt comes down at us. We complain as we shake it off and step on it, but slowly with time, we stop complaining and start understanding. Our trials help us stand a little taller. I am grateful for the knowledge that with the Saviors help, I can come out of life's holes, taller, and better. God is great. 
Ahahahaha moments-
So, I sleep talk... and so does Sister H. So this week we were exercising and all of a sudden we both remembered that we had a conversation that night. It went kind of like this: I guess I asked a question about what we could do to help our zone and Sister H was all, "I dont know but I think that the best way to help our investigators is to get them involved," At this point I woke up because I heard her talking but I was super confused so I was just like, "Oh, that is a great idea," and then we just went back to sleep. Ahahaha. We got a great ab workout that morning because of it. 
Also, did you know that they are called "Brussels Sprouts" because I didnt haha. But we had them for dinner, and some sweet potato fries. We both really like them ahaha #FeelTheHealthy
Are you all so excited for Thanksgiving? Because I sure am. Like so excited. 
Have a great week! Know that you are soooo loved!
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Leaves for days! This one is for you Spiff! 
Picture 2- We had Zone Meeting on Friday! Yay! #SoProZone #ProvidenceSouth

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