Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello my people! Ha de dae? 
Guess what? Transfers are this week and we are kind of upset about it... Sister G and Elder A are leaving... Like What the What? Elder A... is going to Woostah! Woohooo! I am super sad to see him leave but HE IS GOING TO WOOSTAH I love that place sooooo much!! Sister G is going to Brookline MA and I think I am just going to tell President that she can't leave because I love her too much.... We are kind of in denial of it all. 
This month as a Zone we had a goal to get 3 new investigators every week per companionship... and we worked so hard, every week we found people, but they wouldn't set up a return appointment so they weren't investigators. We decided that this week was going to be a good one. We worked super hard and invited so many people to our Fall Festival. None of them came, even though there were 24 non-members there, so we decided to deliver cookies to one of the families that we really wanted to come. We stopped by and proceeded to have the best spiritual conversation I have ever had. Sister G and I sang them "I Need Thee Every Hour" and the spirit filled the room. We testified of the Book of Mormon... and set a return appointment for next Saturday! In the middle of our gratitude prayer I realized that the Lord helped us find 3 new investigators... on the very last day of the month. It was the best day ever. I totally cried haha. Halloween was awesome. Pray for J and her family! :)
Another miracle, we were at a member's home and the dad isn't a member, but they are Haitian, and Hatians feed you... so much food. Like, we were looking at it and just thinking... "That will not fit." but anyway, we were eating and the dad drinks some juice... that he is allergic to! He started not feeling good and he started to just cry out in pain. We were super concerned. So he gets up to go lay down... and he passes out, like flat on the ground. Now, here is the miracle, his daughter who is in high school wants to be a trauma surgeon, just went "Mom, turn him over right now, he is going to puke," It was not like 1 second after they turned him, he did. We thought he was going to die it was so scary, but the spirit told us, "Hey, call their home teachers," So we did and they came and gave him a blessing and he was at the fall festival 2 days later... God was totally watching out for that family. 
Aha moments
Just a little quote..." If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting."
True dat.
 Ahaahaha moments
This week was so crazy busy I don't really even remember what happened. Oh! There was a girl dressed as a Dalek at the Fall Festival. Their family loves me because I actually know what they are talking about when they geek out. 
Also, I guess it is funny that we have been singing to basically everyone now... it just brings the spirit in so fast. We call it "Pulling a Plumtree Drive" 
Well, you are all super de duper loved.
Be good!
Sister Alexander
P.S. I was told 7 weeks until Christmas... O.o 
Picture 1-New England just really likes my name haha :)
Picture 2- Our Quadpanionship! #WeLoveNorwich

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