Monday, November 9, 2015

Be the Change

Hello from Norwich Ct, where the skies are grayish blue and the air is getting brisker by the minute! 
Life here is soooo good and a little crazy too! First and foremost... I want to introduce my new companion! 
Sister H!
Sister H is from Herriman Utah! #2ndFromUtah
She has almost been on her mission for a year, on the 19th. #OneYear
She is super funny and blunt, she will tell you how it is. If it makes you look fat, she will tell you. I love it hahaha. 
She wants to be a cosmetologist and also work in the foster care system #CleanItUp
And she hates Hashtags... so of course, I shall use them to describe her ahaha :)

Miracles of the week-
First off, we got to go to transfer meeting. It was a happy/sad occasion. Happy because we got to see a bunch of people, and sad because well... Sister G left. But we got there on time and we also got our car's safety inspection done on time. It was super weird to drive through Worcester. Once we got there I totally could have turned off the GPS.
Our other miracle was that we got to see the C's on Thursday. They are the cutest little family, and they are sooooo ready for the gospel. Sister C loves that we believe in eternal families and we were able to bear testimony to her and her husband that we are on missions because we KNOW that it is true. Bishop was able to come too! It was so great! 

Aha Moments-
Well, this week was Stake Conference so this section might be big haha. 
Saturday's session was great. It was about working together in councils to uplift and edify each other. They talked about how as ward, family and companionship councils we need to work interdependently, working together for one purpose. Depending on each other equally. Sounds an awful lot like Zion am I right? Seeking unity together. LOVE IT.
Also, I was reading a talk, called "Why Not Now?" by Neal A Maxwell and it said something that I really enjoyed.
"My friends, there are footprints to follow where we must go—made not by a leader who said, safely from the sidelines, “Go thither,” but by a leader who said, “Come, follow me.” And our mortal leader is a prophet who is showing us how to lengthen our stride."
I am so grateful that I have been given this chance to serve a mission and to wear the Savior's name on my heart. I know that He lived, I know that He lives now. What a blessing to know. 

Ahaha Moments-
Always laughing. We are always laughing. At transfer meeting, I got to talk to an Elder who is now home, he just said, "Give it all that you have but have fun doing it," or something like that. :)
The B's came to visit me! We went out to dinner! Oh, I love them so much! 
Also, at transfer meeting, I got to see Sister F and all of my Worcester amigos! Except for Sister M but I see her on Wednesday at MLC! Yay! Gah! The Worcester Zion was real! 
I am sorry, none of these things are very funny ahaha. I will try to write down actual funny things this week. That way I wont be the only one laughing. 
I just want to end on this note, err quote, 
"May we be different in order to make a difference in the world" - Neal A Maxwell
You are all soooo loved!
Have a great week! 
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Sister H and I! 
Picture 2- The Quadpanionship! Elder T from Cali, Elder L from China, Sister H from Utah and me creepin in the back :)

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