Monday, June 8, 2015

Oh Happy Day!

Hello All!!! This week was AMAZING!!!!
Like... still can't quite comprehend everything that happened yet... So, let's see if this email even makes sense!
Miracles of the week-
P and P were baptized yesterday! We were seriously at the church from 7AM to 9PM. It was the best most exhausting day ever! It was so cool! P came up out of the water and I handed her a towel and asked her how she felt an she just said, "happy," with this huge smile on her face. Also, M gave the opening prayer, J gave a talk and R gave the closing prayer. Almost all of my recent converts were there... It was like my happy place haha. I got a picture :) or like 12
I just love exchanges. This time was especially awesome because it just so happens that I went to Weston, and guess who is roommates with the Sister Training Leaders? Sister T. It was so great to see her and like brush my teeth in her presence... that is creepy but I am leaving it. We got to see a bunch of people in Weston that are so solid! It is so cool to see the Lord hastening his work in New England! I love this place!!!
    -Zone Meeting Miracles-
I love Zone meetings. So, at Zone Meeting we were asked to share how we extend baptismal commitments, and we basically just said that people come to us asking when they can be baptized but it is so important to invite them! We have had so many people not feel ready but they love that we trust them enough and feel that they are ready enough for it to happen. So, we were challenged to invite every one of our investigators to be baptized. 
So we started. On Saturday we met with W and his kids and guess what happened. We planned on extending a date and W just goes, "I think that they are ready to be baptized. Why should I be holding them back? Just because I have to figure things out doesn't mean that they do. They should be baptized next week." We just had to smile. They will be baptized on June 21st, Sister V's last weekend on the mission. It was so cool. They came to the baptism of their aunt and uncle too and LOVED IT. The bishops wife and I were talking with J about temples and she was awestruck at their beauty, sacredness and the fact that you can be married there for free haha. It was such an awesome conversation!
    -Digi Mish-
Last but not least, I am back on the Digi mission! Our whole zone is now a part of this awesome work! It was super sweet! Elder P, one of the Zone Leaders, found out that on Saturday, a girl that he was teaching from Ecuador was baptized! Gah! so cool! 
Aha moment-
I just was able to feel the love that Heavenly Father has for me when I was able to be surrounded by people hat I love at the baptism last night. The spirit was so strong and we were all just so happy.
Ahaha moment-
So picture this: burnt rice, missionaries scrambling around the church trying to waft the smoke away from the smoke detectors, fire alarms blaring, and the Senior couple pull up to the church... ahaha We were all dying.
"There is a reason that it is called Minute rice, Not 5 minute rice"- Sister A 
Life is so good! I love Worcester, I love my companion, I love this work and I love my Heavenly Father! ("and I love you random citizen")
You are all SO loved! 
Be good!
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Exchanges with Sister C
Picture 2- P and P's Baptism!
Picture 3- The whole crew that came to the baptism! The 3 African American kiddos in the front are W's kids! 
Picture 4- Almost all of the recent converts since I have been in Worcester.
P, M, P, R, with her grandma(who has been a member, Photobombing), Me, Sister V, M, J and R! So many of my very favorite people!

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