Monday, June 22, 2015

Count Your Many Blessings

Hello My Friends! How are you all doing on this fine Monday Morning? 
I am doing well. So stinkin' well :)
This week was way less bad crazy and more good crazy haha. The good Vlad. :)
Miracles of the Week
We got to visit a Young Women this past week C with the YW president. She is awesome but we were worried that she would feel uncomfortable with us being there. At the end of the meeting the Young Women's president asked her if she could bring her anything next time and she just goes, "Can you bring the Sisters next week?" YESSSS!!!!! She is so darling. I love her so much. It is crazy how on your mission you just feel a portion of how much God loves his children and you are so full. I just cant imagine how I would handle all of that love!!!
-E's Baptism-
Sunday night was the E kid's baptism. J, S, and W Jr. The spirit was so strong. I love those kids so much. 
Miracles AKA Aha moment
I often am reminded of the story of the woman who wants to be happy so she decided to count her negative thoughts. At the end of the week not only was she miserable but she looked at her count and it was so high. She was devastated and then she had the thought that she should focus on the positive. Count the blessings. Remember the miracles. Conjure up happiness. And it worked. She had the best week ever and her count for good was wayyy higher than the one for bad. So that is what I have started to do. Randomly during the day when I am feeling stressed or worried I just say, "Miracles go," and Sister V and I trade off saying a miracle until we are happy. Some days are harder than others but we always end up saying stupid things and laughing about it. 
Ahahahaha Moments
I know that there were a lot but I have to think because I could have sworn that I put them in my planner but alas.
YAYAYAYA I found it!!! Ahahah. This is sad. I basically write my train of thought ahaha. 
So on Wednesday we went to dinner with a Ghanaian family in 1st ward and they made us "Ground Nut Soup" which in English is Peanut Butter Soup!!!! It is basically chicken, tomatoes, peanut butter, broth and a bunch of habanero peppers. You put a rice ball in your bowl then scoop the soup in with a lot of broth and then... you use your hands to eat it. They use their hands for everything in Ghana so... we did too!!! It was so fun! Also I found out at their house that Donald Trump is running for president... uhm... #WhatTheWhat Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter on Wednesday. 
T-Text results
Also last night was t-texts! I am staying in Woostah which isn't a surprise! I will be here for at least 7 1/2 months!!!! Craziness!!!! Transfer meeting is on Saturday! I cant believe that it has already been 2 transfers and it is time for Sister V to go home :( I am going to miss her so much. The Hermanas are also staying!!! Woohoooooo!!! We get to celebrate our birthdays together! Sister F's is on the 30th and Sister M's is on the 26th and mine... mine is on the 13th of July... right around the corner??? O.o 20? Uhm no thanks
So yeah. Life is good. Miracles are abounding in Worcester. I love this Work. I love my Heavenly Father.
You are all soooo loved!
Be good!
Sister Alexander
Pic 1: Sister V and I- The epitome of our relationship. One of us being crazy the other awkward haha... nice :)
Pic 2: The E's Baptism!!! Sister V, Me, Brother F who baptized, S (Tall one in front) then Brother B, who baptized, J, and Elder P (who seriously can't smile unless he jabs someone in the side before a picture) who baptized W Jr., Yeah. Oh and M and P, who is P and P's son :)
Pic 3: Oh! I almost forgot! The picture of Peanut Butter Soup! Soooo good!!!

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