Monday, June 29, 2015

Las Tres Mosqueteras... Por 5 Dias.

Where do I even start? Hello my wonderful people! How are you all doing this fine Monday? I hope that the answer is well, because that is the answer that I would give. 
This week was great and very, very busy. It was Sister V's last week on the mission so we were going, going, going! 
So this week, We had dinner with 2 Polynesian families, did a bunch of service, and tracked into a family straight from Iraq, that only speaks Arabic... and we had a 30 minute conversation with them using our good friend Google Translate. That was fun :) 
Miracle of the Week-
After transfer meeting Hermana F, Hermana M and I were hungry but we went to the temple with M and P for baptism for the dead. Then, we decided to go to Chipotle for dinner on the way back to Woostah. We walk in and there is one of our members just smiling all big at us. He works there... and got us free food...we were so happy. It was awesome too because I had like 0 dollars in MSF haha. Right on. 
Aha moment-
We had a Farewell Conference with President Packard on Friday and he left us with so much wisdom it was oozing out of the chapel. Also, we got to hug him and I just cried...  BUT! the Aha moment. So, President talked about the Sabbath Day and giving it back to God. He said, "The Sacrament should inspire us to remember Christ, keep His Commandments, and have His Spirit to be with us." It just like hit me. We take the sacrament not because it reminds us of our covenants we already made... we take it because it helps us make new covenants every single week. 
Also, President explained the Spirit in a way that I love. For those that believe no explanation is necessary and for those that don't, no explanation is possible. Love it. #truth
Ahahaha Moment- 
Yesterday, I had 2 companions that weren't even missionaries. I still had to go to the Worcester 1&2 Wards and the Hermanas had to go to their branch so I had M and M be my companions for 2nd and 1st Ward respectively. It was great and both said that as they left and dropped me off with my next or real companions that they felt empty and that it was just wrong to be alone... #truth
Lots of funny things have happened but I just cant remember what they were... #Fail.
OH! Also! Sister M's Birthday was on Thursday, Sister F's is tomorrow and mine is in 2 weeks! Woohooo!
So yeah. That is my week. How was yours? 
I love you all. Sorry that this is so scatter brained I just cant seem to focus on emailing when I have to figure out monthly goals right after. 
Have a wonderful week. 
You are all so loved!
Be good!
Sister Alexander
Pic 1- Sister M's Birthday! 
Pic 2- Transfer Meeting goodbyes. Both Elder T and Sister V went home! We were a district for 2 transfers with out any changes! I love these people! 
Pic 3- Me and President and Sister Packard

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