Monday, June 15, 2015

Like the Bad Vlad, or the Bunny Vlad That Makes the Cookies?

This week was crazy... in all uses of the word, good and bad (hence the subject line). Like, I literally have no clue where to even start, what to even include or how to convey the insanity that ensued his week. 
Miracles of the week:
In bullet format because my brain is everywhere.
-M came to church! 
-P and P were confirmed and they both felt the spirit super strong!
-The Digi Sister came to visit and we started introducing the digital mission to members. 
-We got to do service a lot this week! 
-We got a Ward Mission Leader in 1st ward! It has been 4 months! MIRACLES!!!
Aha moment: 
Due to the craziness we did a lot of praying this week. For guidance, for peace, for revelation and it came. Our prayers were answered. Not quite in the way that we expected, but they came. 
Ahaha moment: 
We carved watermelon this week for Zone P-day. It was so much fun.
Note: the shirts that Sister F and I are wearing :) #CosmicosbyForTheWin 
I totally cut my hair this week. Well, actually Sister V cut my hair. It was driving me nuts so I asked her to chop it haha. I love it!
Sorry this is so short. It was a weird, weird, weird week. Hope that yours was better!
You are all so loved! 
Sister Alexander

Picture 1- Carved Watermelons #WINGS #ZonePdayZonePicture
Picture 2- Short hair don't care :)

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